I have to say, that lately, I’ve had lots of people come to me and tell me how they were miraculously healed by John of God in Brazil. This is not a one-time thing… I get these emails and texts all the time telling me how they were healed of some type of terrible disease in no time.

“Four True Cases of Healing by The Entities of Light and John of God”

1- Healed of Kidney Disease - Take, for instance, a young mother who had terrible Kidney Disease who just emailed me today. She let me know that she went to see John of God in Brazil and she was in a wheelchair. And she walked out on her own and her kidney disease was completely healed. She was so ill that she could not even walk across the street and now she was completely fine - Wow!

2 - Healed of Lymes Disease - Also, a woman who had terrible Lymes Disease and she was so crippled that she could not walk at all and she was in a wheelchair. And she emailed me and let me know that she was completely healed of her Lymes Disease and she walked away from the Casa and left the wheelchair behind. - Amazing!

3 - Healed of Terrible Hip Pain - Sometimes healing comes in different ways. One man by the Name of Christian Fiech (I have his authorization to use his name here) who went with my wife and me to see John of God in Brazil had terrible hip pain… his pain did go away while he was there at casa for a while. But Christian was told by the Entities of Light that he did not believe in modern medicine… but he should believe in modern medicine. And the Entities of Light told Christian that he would end up having total hip replacement surgery and would be completely healed. Christian always thought that alternative medicine was the only way to heal… he was and still is into yoga, meditation, exercise and more. But in his diary Christian wrote down what the Entities of Light told him… and kept that for safekeeping because he did believe. And a year later he ended up having total hip replacement surgery and he is now completely healed with no hip pain whatsoever anymore or to come in the future… just like the Entities of Light had said. Remember everything happens for a reason… sometimes there are learning lessons that need to be learned along the way.

4 - Healed of a Heart Tumor - Still another man had a tumor on his heart. And he did not want to do surgery because his doctor told him that the surgery might not be successful. He had a 50/50 chance of surviving the surgery. So he went to see John of God. And after seeing John of God he had more energy, felt better, and he was feeling connected so something bigger than himself— God. All of that was great, but he also went to see his regular doctor… and had another scan done. And low-and-behold his heart tumor had disappeared. - Fantastic!

Maybe you have something that needs to be healed.

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Praise Be to God!

Many Blessings to Everyone

Dr. Paul Haider

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