Are you going on a trip to Tennessee soon? Tennessee has a lot to offer specially after COVID, including many activities that you will only find in this American state. Experience Tennessee in an authentic way and discover 4 activities that you only do in Tennessee.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park

The Great Smoky Mountains National Park is located on the border of the US states of Tennessee and North Carolina. You will definitely regret if you visit Tennessee and return without discovering this beautiful nature reserve that is easy to reach from various points in America. The park is less than a 3-hour drive from the major cities of Nashville, Atlanta or Charlotte. Did you know that the park is the most visited national park in America? Every year, no fewer than 10 million visitors come to admire the impressive nature. Start your visit at one of the 2 visitor centers.

Here you will find information about different walks where you walk above the treetops and you will receive maps and route planners. There are also various facilities such as toilets. Would you rather take a walk with a guide so you don't get lost? Book this in advance and take a walk through the park led by the park rangers.

Elvis Presley's Former Home

Did you know that the mansion is the most visited residence in America after the White House? Graceland attracts 650,000 visitors per year. The museum has 2 floors and a basement where you can see how Elvis lived and learn more about his music. You can also visit his grave. Tour the house to see the white leather sofas, glass chandeliers, mirrored walls, gold records and shiny pianos that Elvis used for his nightly music sessions. Don't forget to take a look at the Jungle Room. This is the studio where the King recorded some of his greatest albums.

The RC-Moon Pie Festival

Every 3rd Saturday in June is the annual RC-Moon Pie Festival in the town of Bell Buckle. This event is celebrated with drinks and a typical Tennessee pastry: the RC Cola and the Moon Pie. Start the day with a 10-mile run and a parade where the king and queen of the festival are crowned. Make it to the festival's grand finale and eat a slice of the world's largest Moon Pie. That largest cake is cut on the spot and handed out to every visitor. You will have great time to discover live music, cloggers and games during your visit to this festival in Nashville, TN.

Jack Daniel's Whiskey Tour

Are you a whiskey lover? During your trip in Tennessee, a visit to the Jack Daniel's distillery cannot be missed. The American state is known for the Jack Daniels whiskey. Set your navigation to the place Lynchburg and discover everything about this American whiskey. You can easily find official distillery and a special shop where you can buy everything from the brand.

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Misty Jhones