Getting the local community together for a day full of fun can be a great way to give back to those around you. However, planning that community festival can be overwhelming, to say the least. Here are four preparation steps that you’ll need to remember to take during your festival planning process.

Get Your Event Application Submitted Early

In most towns, you’ll need to file with the local code office to get an event permit. This will take some time to get approved by the code office. So, you’ll want to make sure that you submit your application for the permit months in advance. Realize that there’s going to be a fee alongside the application that you will have to front for the submission.

Get Bathrooms

One of the features that need to be included in your budget is a porta-potty. With so many community members showing up for the festival, they need someone to go to the bathroom. You can afford a potty to ensure that community members feel taken care of and will stick around all day long. A good rule of thumb is to order one porta-potty per 100 people that you expect to show up.

Make Sure Vendors Are Licensed

When booking vendors for your community festival day, you should be ensuring that they are properly licensed. Each different type of vendor will require various licensing. For example, a food vendor is going to require a different operating license than a vendor that sells beer. Talk with your local municipal code office to verify what types of licensing you should be looking for when it comes to the vendors that want to participate in the community festival.

Create Affiliations with Public Safety Offices

You want to ensure that your community members stay safe during your event. Therefore, creating necessary affiliations with public safety officials in your area is a great investment in your event. Consider any hazard issues that may happen as part of the event, such as traffic build-up. These public safety officials can come up with a solution that will remedy the foreseen hazards at the event to make it more enjoyable for everyone. These officials may even offer to have officers on sight to help with any issues that come up on the day off the festival.

Planning a community festival can be an exciting experience. While it may take you months to do, it can really pay off when you get to see your fellow community members enjoying themselves. During the planning process, make sure you prepare yourself with the four preparation steps above so that your festival can be the best possible.

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