Embracing your passion for sales can take many forms. For some, this is their own “virtual storefront”. Selling your favorite products online takes guts, determination, and above all else, integrity. When customers view your ecommerce site, are they excited by the fact that your company has amazing sales on the products they need? Excitement is good, but you need their trust in order to convert that excitement into a sale. We’ve collected five proven trust-building site-enhancements and strategies to help your company convert.

Limit On-Site Advertisements
Many of your customers will be shopping on their tablets and smartphones. In fact, since September of 2014, more than 51% of visits to online retailers have taken place on a mobile device / tablet. While advertisements on your website add an additional revenue source, they clutter the screen. Customers may feel that your site isn’t offering them the buying experience they crave if they have to fend off pop-ups and unwanted ad banners.

Focus their attention on your products without the distractions of outside interests.

Include a Fame Box
Has your company been featured on a major news outlet? Have you won an award for your s service? Dedicate a horizontal strip on your homepage to the most impressive places customers may have heard about your site. Take a look at this online consignment retailer's website for an excellent example of a “Fame Box”. They’ve listed some of the networks and websites that have recently featured their company.

If a customer knows that your company has been featured on CNN, The Wall Street Journal, or other major sources of reliable information, you’ve immediately skyrocketed the “trust-factor” of your website.

Offer Instant Communication
When customers have questions or concerns, they don’t want to have to pick up the phone and wait on hold. Likewise, they hate submitting tickets that take hours or even days for a response. Skip the wait and connect immediately with your customers by offering Live Chat on your DesiMarket website. You can avoid customer disappoints and close additional local business directory by showing shoppers that you’re serious when it comes to award-winning customer service. Plus, your chat reps can always attempt an upsell based on the customer’s needs and concerns.

Include Trust Badges
Major companies like Google, The Better Business Bureau and Norton offer companies certifications that can be listed on their websites. If a customer can see your BBB business rating on your homepage, along with a link to the rating information, they’re more confident in your ability to follow through on what you’re offering.
This is also incredibly important when you consider that identity theft is on the rise in the United States and abroad. When customers put their credit card information into a website, they’re trusting that site to keep their information secure. Don’t be the cause of a PR disaster by allowing your site to be compromised. Use site-based antivirus measures and display the fact that your website is 100% secure on your homepage.

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This content is written by: Stephanie F