Home inspections are one of the most important services that home buyers from all over Alberta look for when buying a property. It allows one to make an informed decision, knowing the risks involved in the purchase. Inspections also give buyers a chance to walk away from the deal if they don’t like what they find in the final report.

However, the quality of the inspection depends on the inspector hired. Choosing a suitable inspector can be tough, but it needn’t be if you ask the right questions. Here four such questions you should ask when hiring a home inspector in Alberta.

Does the home inspector meet industry standards?

Reliable home inspectors will have suitable qualifications that meet the industry standards. This means they will have certifications that make them proficient in conducting the test. Canadian inspectors require certifications from both InterNACHI and CanNACHI.

Furthermore, home inspectors in Alberta require approval from the Home Inspection Business Regulation Act in Alberta. Having these qualifications can show dedication towards the vocation and the integrity of the inspector’s business among the local real estate community.

Do they have prior construction or building experience

Experience is important in any profession. When it comes to home inspections, experience and expertise in construction and building are key. Knowledge in these fields allows inspectors to give valuable insights into the structural soundness of the house, which is a vital part of the inspection. If the home inspector you are considering doesn’t have such experience, it is best to look at other candidates.

Does the home inspector offer additional services?

General home inspections don’t cover every corner and component of the house, regardless of how extensive it is. Therefore, add-ons or additional inspections may be required to get a thorough report on the house’s condition.

Most qualified and reliable home inspectors offer add-ons that allow buyers to get the most out of the inspection. This is an important feature to check out in an inspector, as it will save you money on getting specialized inspections later.

What do their previous clients have to say about them?

Lastly, don’t forget to browse the internet for reviews. You should check what their previous clients have to say about their services. This can be done through review websites. Alternatively, you can ask the inspector for referrals and connect with one of their previous customers.


Home inspections are a great tool for buyers to assess their risk in investing in a property. However, the risk analysis is only as reliable as the home inspector hired. Therefore, as buyers, you need to ensure that the professional you hire has the necessary qualifications and experience, offers additional services, and have positive client reviews.

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