The traditional thinking of having to go to college for years to get a degree to bag yourself a good career isn’t flying anymore. More and more young adults are realizing that there are quicker college programs that can allow them to gain the experience they need to live a fulfilling career with less money invested. Here are just four examples of the many programs out there.

Radiologic Technologist

This career field requires some vocational training for about two years. Your job will include taking CAT scans and X-rays for patients. There are various types of scanning modalities that you can choose to specialize in. Most radiologic technologists make about $60,000 per year. The growth rate for this career field is expected to continue over the next 10 years. These skills will allow you to work for various types of medical facilities including hospitals, private health care facilities, imaging centers, and local medical centers.

Electronic Technician

As the growing demand for electronic equipment continues, it’s a great time to jump on board in this industry. There are various electronics trade programs out there for you to choose from. Some include associate’s degrees, certification programs, and apprenticeships. Most of your time will be spent doing hands-on training to learn the skills you need for your job.

Registered Nurse

The healthcare field is ever-increasing, which means there’s always going to be a demand for registered nurses. This career path requires an associate’s degree for entry. You can find work at a hospital, recovery center, nursing facility, and other medical facilities. You’ll be tasked with coordinating patient care, providing care, and giving emotional support for patients.

Dental Hygienist

If you love meeting new people and assisting them in living a healthy life, then being a dental hygienist may be right up your alley. This career requires you to clean teeth, evaluate them for disease, and educate patients on how to properly take care of their mouth. Many people in this field have two years of schooling and tend to make around $70,000 a year.

Hopefully, you understand that you don’t have to spend four years in college to get a degree that you’re proud of. All the above careers require two years of school and can provide you with a fulfilling career. The best part is that you won’t have to take on the amount of debt that those who get a bachelor’s degree or higher do.

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