Babies are hyperactive and excited most of the times, so it is important to calm them with the right options. Crib sleeping is the best option to calm your little ones. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, babies should always sleep alone, in a crib or in the bassinet. Babies who sleep on their backs also feel safe. This helps to reduce the risk of SIDS to a very good extent. Your baby will also feel secure sleeping in a crib.

Babies who sleep in the crib from the beginning are more independent. You heard that right. If babies sleep in a crib, they will get adjusted to sleeping alone. This will actually help you later on as a parent. It is kind of one less transition for you, which is great. Babies who sleep alone are more confident later on in life so this is like an added advantage.

"A world of their own" that is what babies crave for. When your baby sleeps in a closed environment, it reduces the chance of any kind of disturbance. You can do anything around the crib without the need to worry about your little one. Going around the room, going to the bathroom or even snoring won't affect your baby. It will prove to be the best sleeping environment for your baby.

As a parent, you also want your time out. The postnatal time is tough, so it is important that you spend some time with your partner too. If your baby will sleep in the crib that will make a space in your bed and it will help you relax too.

So, here are top 4 reasons why you should be considering crib sleeping:

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Authored by Christina Alario - Content Specialist at Nested Bean.