Surely on some occasions, you have wondered if you should take natural probiotics supplements and which are the most recommended. We are going to shed light on these issues and demonstrate that our diet - even when we try to feed ourselves well - and the current lifestyle leaves more “nutritional” gaps than we think.

A common mistake is to think about taking them only when we are sick, convalescent or go through a specific moment of work or psychological stress. But the truth is that food supplements should not only be taken in these specific cases but, as a supplement to our usual diet, can help us live longer and better. Despite this, only 9.3% of the adult population consumes them regularly (compared to 43% in Germany or 59% in Denmark) and especially women.

When to take them?

Almost any time is good to start taking nutritional supplements according to individual needs and lifestyle: food, sports, toxic habits (tobacco, alcohol), medication consumption, sun exposure, age, sex, area of residence (with more or less pollution), stress, etc.

Also important are the climatic changes that occur throughout the year and that will determine that nutritional needs are not stable every month of the year. Thus, for example, in the winter months you must pay special attention to the nutrients that strengthen the immune system (zinc, echinacea, green tea, vitamin C, vitamin D ...) and during the summer months those who protect against solar radiation (natural antioxidants, beta-carotenes ...) or that promote better peripheral circulatory health (red vine, hesperidin, vitamin C, rough ...).

Why take them?

Today's society is very demanding, subject to schedules and innumerable obligations, and subjects the individual to almost continuous stress that can affect nutritional deposits, intestinal rhythm , defenses, sleep cycles, enzymatic production or even health. mental. And all this without having the feeling that we are "sick" and that we need to ensure a correct supply of nutrients through nutritional supplements to regulate all these processes.


These are the four reasons that justify the consistent and individualized consumption of nutritional supplements:

  1. We do not eat as balanced or as varied as we believe. We usually lack fresh fruits, vegetables, and vegetables, which leads to a deficit of essential micronutrients (vitamins, minerals), antioxidants and fiber. The consumption of fresh fish has also decreased, so the contributions of the valuable omega 3 fatty acid are compromised. On the contrary, the consumption of pastries, cakes, cookies, and refined sugar is usually higher than recommended, foods whose nutritional quality leaves much to be desired.
  2. Packaged products and culinary techniques. Consumption of packaged and canned products has increased considerably (compared to fresh food) and the main reasons when purchasing food are the price and the proximity of the establishment, above the healthy concept of them. Some ways of cooking food lead to significant nutritional losses in terms of their actual micronutrient intake. For example, it is difficult to know how much water-soluble vitamins and minerals the vegetables provide once cooked in water. A study conducted with spinach determined that the loss of vitamin C during cooking is so high that in some cases up to 100% of this vitamin is lost.
  3. Nutritional quality of fresh foods. Fruits, vegetables, vegetables, legumes, cereals, and other plant products largely owe their nutritional quality to the land where they are grown and to the natural cycles of growth and harvest. The fact of not respecting these cycles, consuming food outside of its season or not allowing enough land to rest makes the final amount of nutrients of those foods that we consume as “fresh” insufficient, and this lack leads to the need to supplement The diet with nutritional supplements.
  4. Nutritional needs individual. There are many personal factors that determine the needs of energy and nutrients, which is sometimes difficult to cover only through food. It is clear that children do not need the same nutrients as older people, that a pregnant woman does not need the same as another who is not, that they increase nutritional needs if they play sports or that they need an extra supply of certain nutrients those people who smoke or drink alcohol regularly, suffer from stress or take certain medications.
    What supplements to take

The nutritional supplements come to our aid to complete the vacuum that occurs between the nutrients provided by the diet and those we really need to improve health. You can find a great variety at

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