Messenger bags were created for bike and dispatch riders so that they can easily carry the bags on their sides during the commute. Recently, messenger bags are used to carry almost anything, and therefore, people of diverse occupations are using them. As a result, these bags have now become an alternative to the backpack.

The market is flooded with chic messenger bags that come in different colors and are made up of sturdy yet classic materials. So, when deciding whether to purchase a college backpack or a messenger bag to carry college gear, students go for a stylish, trendy side hanging messenger bags. discusses why students prefer using messenger bags over college backpacks to carry their college gear. Well, their versatility and flexibility is one obvious reason but let’s have a detailed overview on the comparative debate on college backpack v/s messenger bags.

1) Students doing an after-college messenger job

If a college student works as a messenger or a dispatcher after college, then these are the most suitable ones as they do not serve as messenger bags only but also college bags. These bags can conveniently carry college gear as well as their work materials such as newspapers, parcels or letters that needs to be dispatched. The bags are spacious and durable enough as they have inside compartments and zipper pockets to adjust and accommodate your belongings. The bag can easily be saddled across the body without straining your shoulders and back.

Canvas messenger bags are a perfect choice for after college job as they are not only sturdy and robust but also chic and stylish. You can even opt for a small messenger bag that you can squeeze in your college backpack and later hang it on, once you are off to work.

2) Follow the footsteps of a Postman

Classic, sizeable black messenger bags function efficiently as courier bags. Postmen usually make carry these bags as the inside pockets and straps allow them to efficiently arrange mails and letters according to postal addresses. So, such bags are highly useful as college bags since they allow students to arrange your college gear and other accessories in an organized manner.

3) Add style to everyday commute

College students use these versatile messenger bags for numerous reasons. Firstly, these bags tend to add an element of style to their fashionable outlook. These students want to outgrow the old school look where they used to hang backpacks on both their shoulder. They believe that if college studies become more advanced and take a different level, their attire and bag choices should also innovate. Therefore, messenger bags are best to play with their college looks of being chic and different from others.

Messenger bags also turn out to be a suitable choice for carrying study materials such as textbooks, notebooks, pencil cases, laptops, and other accessories. Canvas messenger bags for this purpose are ideal because they are robust and durable.

4) Messenger bags can be used as laptop bags

Students, who only require carrying laptops to college, can use messenger bags for this purpose ideally. It is because these bags conveniently allow you to take your portable electronic devices on your commute without incurring any trouble. You only need to hang your messenger bag casually over shoulder and you are ready to travel with all your technological essentials.

It is preferable that you search for such messenger bags that have an in-built foam or thick padding. Such protective mechanism will save your laptop from any damage when it comes in contact with hard and rough surfaces.

So, being highly useful, durable and stylish, messenger bags turn out to be the most preferred choice among college students for carrying their gear.

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