Women over 25 years old are vulnerable to weight and obesity issues which have affected their relationships, marriages, lifestyle, etc.
Usually, weight gain for women starts after marriage especially during pregnancy, after birth, or when breastfeeding.

Unfortunately, at these times, women go through hormonal fluctuations that make it difficult for them to lose weight and stay fit. Even worse, weight gain can come when you get older as your metabolism processes decrease.

And sadly, weight gain on women can lead to depression, hypertension, pre-diabetes, endometriosis, and many other health complications.

At these times, desperation kicks in. You start to try all kinds of exercises, diet, and weight loss supplements and pills but unfortunately, nothing seems to work.
It’s understandable because most of the weight-loss solutions out there target the “fat-FIRST”.

Most weight-loss products out there are designed to combat weight loss by targeting the fat stored inside your body.
Besides, most of the diets or weight loss programs require you to plan your meals, making sure you don’t over-do, or under-do anything.

Given that life is busy, you probably don’t have the time for all that. And even if some of the weight loss products you try will work, they won’t be sustainable. They only work for a short time and BOOM; you are back with weight gain.

Usually, it’s harder for women to lose weight than men. Certain factors can make women take longer to lose weight than men which include:

1. Hormonal imbalance
Women experience hormone fluctuations more than men especially during menstruation, pregnancy, or when breastfeeding and at menopause.
Imbalanced hormones can trigger various processes in the body hence hindering you from losing weight fast.

2. Weak metabolism
Men have muscles while women have more body fat and less muscle. This leads to a decrease in metabolic rate in women than in men and that’s why women struggle with weight loss.

3. Pregnancy issues
Women have a higher chance of gaining weight and more body fat during pregnancy as they don’t have time to exercise and sleep which are essential for weight loss.

4. Menopause issues
During menopause, women gain more belly fat because of decreased metabolic rate and hormones.

As you can see, it’s not easy to almost impossible for women to lose weight with the ordinary or normal weight loss products available in the market today as they don’t target the root cause of weight gain.

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