Sending flowers to a funeral is the least you can do for the deceased and the family members that remain. Whether you knew the deceased well or not, you should still send flowers for the sake of those who are hurting. (Assuming, of course, that you know them)

Everyone loves to receive flowers. Even if someone is allergic to flowers, there are still reasons that cause them to appreciate the gesture anyway.

In this article, we’ve listed four main reasons why you should send flowers to a funeral. Once you’ve read through these, you’ll realize just how much of an effect such a small gesture can make.

If you want to know the power of flowers even in the midst of sadness, then take a look at what we’ve discovered:

#1 Flowers Show Respect and Honor to the Departed Soul

You can never do enough to honor someone who has passed on. The actions that you take for their funeral will show exactly how much you appreciate the things they did in life. Whether you liked the person or not; whether you even knew them at all; you should still show respect and honor for them and their family. (Especially if you are also a member of the said family!)

Imagine how you would feel if you could see your own funeral. You would look at every person who attended to spot their reactions to your demise. You would also check on who didn’t turn up and whether they did anything to make up for their absence.

Either way, sending flowers is still the right and decent thing to do. No matter how close or distant you were to the person, we all deserve respect.

You’re not just sending the flowers to respect the deceased either. You’re also sending them to show your respect for the family and close relatives. Sending flowers doesn’t just honor the deceased, it also helps the family see how loved they were and how supportive their friends and families are.

This is just the first of four reasons, but it is already reason enough, wouldn’t you say? Even so, let’s take a look at the next one!

#2 Flowers Induce Positive Emotions Through Sight and Smell

Flowers have a powerful effect on people. When you look at and smell flowers, more is going on than you realize. When you look at flowers, your eyes set off a positive emotion in your brain that makes you smile. You may not notice it at first, but you will smile at a bouquet of flowers being delivered into your hands.

On top of that, when you have floral arrangements set up throughout a room, the colors and the styles impact your mind in ways that you just can’t control. It will lift your spirits and make you feel happier, even if you’re currently grieving. This is the reason why flowers are the staple means of consoling someone.

As if those effects weren’t enough, the aroma of the flowers has an even bigger impact on people. Granted, those with allergies toward flowers will probably not feel this way, but the average person feels calmer and happier when they can smell fresh flowers.

Each and every flower has a different aroma and as such, a different impact on the brain. However, all the types of flowers that are used in consolation flower arrangements are chosen because they help you calm down and feel better.

These combined effects on the mind of everyone in the room, especially the one who holds the flowers in their hands, are a huge reason why you should send flowers to a funeral. Even if you can’t attend the funeral yourself, at least you know that you helped make people feel just a little bit better.

The family can keep your flowers after the funeral is over as well. The effects that we’ve just explained will be carried through for weeks or even months after the event. The combined impact on the mind from even a single, simple bouquet of flowers could impact the family enough to recover from their grief earlier than they would have without them.

Flowers have such a strong impact visually and aromatically that most families opt to preserve them in some way. They do this so that they can come back to those flowers whenever they are feeling sad or grieving their loss. The flowers still help them to feel a little bit better.

#3 Flowers Show that You Care

As I said, you’re not just sending the flowers for the deceased. Actually, your actions will impact more than just the family as well. Sending flowers shows everyone present how much you care. It is the basis of etiquette and should never be underappreciated. Showing how much you care shouldn’t be hard either. You can make the whole thing easier by just heading over to and choosing which flowers to send to a funeral.

The traditional follow-up to sending flowers is to include a personalized note or message along with it. You can use this to verbally demonstrate your consolation and support of the family left behind.

The combination of positive effects generated by the flowers and a well-written message will lift the spirits of all the grievers present. You may not fully realize it, nor will you be there for the occasion, but your actions will have helped a large group of people.

Showing that you care is the most important thing you can do when someone is morning the loss of a family member. There is no way to bring back what they have lost. However, showing them that there are people such as yourself out there who are ready to help, care for, and support them in the coming days is the best consolation you can give.

The saying ‘sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never hurt me’ is entirely untrue. Words are as powerful as flowers. The combination of the two is so powerful that you can significantly cheer someone up, even after losing someone very dear to them.

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