4 Reasons Why Your Biz Should Invest in Faucet Filters

The United States Environmental Protection Agency reported that close to 90% of America’s tap water is safe for use and consumption. However, this figure varies from state to state and has not considered pipe bursts, blockages, and rusted tanks that the water may encounter on its way to your taps. Therefore, EPAs consideration of safe does not mean the water is healthy for your use. Therefore, the only way to guarantee healthy and uncontaminated water is by investing in water purification systems to your house and business premises. Here are a few reasons you should invest in water filters in your business.

To identify what is in your water

It is always a good idea to know whether there are any contaminants in the tap water you receive from your municipality. Ideally, your municipality should state the level of heavy metals or microbes present in the water they release to you. However, the piping and plumbing in your business premises may affect the contents of these impurities in the water which can lead to negative side-effects. If your business building came before 1986, when the government advocated for the use of lead-free pipes for all buildings, then you will need to filter the lead that comes out of the pipes. Even the lowest lead exposure in your water can lead to hypertension, kidney problems, anemia, or worse. A survey conducted in 2019 by EPA revealed that less than 20% of people in America have ever tested their water for lead. Other chemical impurities like Hydrogen Sulfide and Zinc cause gastrointestinal problems to the consumer.

Water filters make your water taste better

The chemical compounds like Zinc, Hydrogen Sulfide, and Chlorine can make tap water have a terrible metallic taste. Contaminated water can also have an unpleasant sewage-like odor, which is discouraging to the user. By removing these chemicals using a faucet water filter, you give water a naturally exceptional taste and odor. However, not all filters are of good quality. Some filters can alter the unpleasant odor but do nothing about the taste. Having great smelling and tasting water encourages you and your employees to consume more water, an action that is highly recommended by physicians. Adequate water intake promotes optimum body metabolism, good health, and increased productivity at work. When you install filters at the office or wherever your working environment may be, you can encourage employees to bring their own reusable water bottles that they can refill throughout the day with fresh, clean, water.

Reduce the carbon footprint of your company to the environment

Most people opt to use bottled water to avoid impurities that may be in tap water. The U.S. reports that it costs over 17 million barrels of oil to produce the indefinite amount of plastic used for the production of plastic bottles. In addition to the fuel used for production, there is an abundant amount of fuel required to distribute bottled water. By using water filters in your company, you save the environment the burden to deal with the emissions from these carbon-based fuels. Furthermore, disposable plastic bottles are non-biodegradable. Therefore, using water purifiers is an essential method of environmental preservation. By helping to save the environment, you can decrease your personal carbon footprint to leave a lasting impression for future generations. 

Save your business time and money by using water purifiers

As mentioned above, installing water purification systems in your business saves you the trouble of using bottled water. That saves you the money it costs to buy, and the time it takes for water bottle companies to deliver them to you. Most water bottle companies use the same water purification procedures used by your water filtration systems at your home and workplace.

Additionally, you protect your kitchen and bathroom appliances from chemical corrosion by removing impurities from the water that goes through them. For example, you increase the lifespan of your dishwashers and water heaters by removing lime from the water you use. You, therefore, save the money you would have otherwise used for repairs and replacements. However, ensure you choose the most suitable filter for your kitchen and bathroom needs. There are a variety of male threaded and female threaded faucets that use highly efficient activated carbon filter technology that you can purchase for your businesses from your local stores. You can typically find these items at most appliance and hardware stores in your area.

In summary, quality water for drinking and other uses is necessary for any human being. Therefore, installing a water filtration system is a vital investment for your business premises. It will promote good health for you and your employees, help you conserve the environment, and save you a significant amount of money in healthcare costs, one-time-use water bottles, and more.

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