Need to replace some auto parts of your vehicle but the new parts seem out of budget? Well, we all have been there where we know that it's time to get new parts but since they are too expensive, we take a step back- not anymore! Have you considered opting for used auto spare parts for your vehicle? If not, then here we give you 5 solid reasons for why your next auto part purchase should be from a wrecking yard.

Cheaper deals

Undoubtedly, one of the most prominent reasons why people prefer purchasing used auto parts is the fact that they are available at cheaper prices. The prices are determined based on it's usage, shelf life and other such factors. If you are willing to change a car part for restoration or repair purposes, then this is probably the best option for you and your pocket.

Environment friendly

If you are wondering how, then the simple explanation behind this is that the use of old parts will reduce stress on the production of new spare parts which is good for our environment. However, you have to be careful while purchasing used car parts as some might be too old to use. If almost every person looking for a new spare part starts settling for an used part for their vehicle, they will contribute considerably in reducing the carbon footprint.

Best for old vehicles

If you already drive an old vehicle, then purchasing a new car part which is expensive than the car itself is sheer foolishness. Used cars work as the best option for old vehicles. Since you should try to keep the maintenance cost of old vehicles really low, this could be a helping hand in the whole process. Also, finding the right parts for old vehicles becomes a struggle at times, and if they are not manufactured anymore, there are great chances that you might find them in a wrecking yard.

Refurbishing to the rescue

When people sell their cars for cash to car wreckers in Auckland, they also sell the working car parts to the wreckers. Such parts are then refurbished and made ready for sale and to be used on another vehicle. Opt for refurbished spare parts as they are tested and can be safely used in your vehicle.

Now that you know the value and benefits of opting for used auto parts, here is a list of various vehicle parts which you can purchase at great prices at a wrecking yard.


One of the most selling used car parts is the seats. If you are bored of old seats or they are ripped and beyond repair, instead of paying huge amounts for new ones, opt for used car seats. They are available in good condition and some look like new as well.


We all know what a hassle it is when our tyres start wearing off. To save your pocket from burning a big hole, exchange your tyres with wreckers. They have a great collection of used tyres which you can use for a good amount of time.

Body parts

There are various body parts which you can easily purchase for cheaper prices. Some of the most popular ones are side view mirrors, rims, windshields and more. Check for damages before making the payment, but if you are purchasing the refurbished ones, then they might be available in good condition.

With these brilliant tips in mind, you can always purchase good quality used car products and bargain well too. Also, if you are bored of your car or it has become obsolete, make use of services like cash for cars in Auckland.

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