The vast majority of people forget that they even have a roof over their head. Honestly, people always forget just how important a roof is on your home. Many contractors will admit that the roof is the MOST important part of your home.

Roofers joke at the fact that homeowners will spend countless hours making sure the bushes look just perfect. Homeowners will make sure their grass is just the perfect shade of green, and their pool is perfectly clear. However, they forget that the most important part of their home, the roof over their head, has been neglected for years.

Let’s remind you just how important a roof is!

Protects you from the elements

We know how obvious this is sounds. Duh, of course a roof protects us from the elements. However, did you actually stop and think about this. Wind, snow, sleet, hail, brutal heat, horrible storms etc. are all going on while we sleep soundly at night in our cozy beds. This shouldn’t be taken for granted. Your roof protects you from the elements, which otherwise could be fatal. Next time you’re watching Netflix during a snowstorm take a minute and be grateful for a roofer.

Protects your possessions

We know this is another obvious point but you probably never even took a minute to think about it. Your roof not only protects you. Your roof also protects your possessions. The things in your home can all be destroyed in a rainstorm. This is just another great reason to be blessed for your roof and why you should thank a roofer.

That device that you just need so badly to scroll through Facebook and that device you need so badly to check emails are all gone when exposed to moisture. Not only does a roof protect you, it also protects your most precious things.

Keeps your home insulated

This next point here is not so obvious. Most people don’t know that a roof is actually designed to properly insulate your home. Roofs help your home retain heat in the winter and cool air in the summer. Some roofers say that a roof that is made out of fibrous materials offer a strong insulating factor.

Most roofers use a materials such as felt or plastic sheeting. These materials are installed under the other roofing materials to help insulate the home. In addition, synthetic insulation foam can also be positioned or sprayed into roof cavities to help increase the homes insulating abilities.

Home Value

Another reason why your roof is important is because a good or bad roof directly correlates to the resale value of your home. Let’s say you are thinking about reselling your home. Before you can even sell your home you will need to do a through inspection. One of the most important areas that a home inspector is going to focus on is the roof. They will go into the attic to see if there is any rotting wood, any leaking, any mold or damage. Fail the inspection and you won’t even be able to sell the house.

After you pass the inspection prospective homebuyers are going to ask about the condition of the roof. How old is the roof, how often does the roof need repaired etc. Smart homebuyers know that a roof is the most expensive home improvement project to undergo. If you have an old roof that is looking outdated you better believe that you are just giving those home buyers negotiating power.

However, on the flip side of that let’s just say you just replaced your roof. Now you have the negotiating power. You just covered an extremely expensive project and you won’t take any lower than the asking price.

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