Plagiarism check is one of the most essential things in your academic writing. No matter how much effort you put in to write your assignment, you cannot avoid traces of plagiarism. Therefore, you need to use various plagiarism detectors.

It is suggested by the experts that students should use free plagiarism checkers as these tools can fetch authentic results. Read on to know why checking for plagiarism by using authentic tools is an inevitable part of your academic responsibilities.

1. The tools find out the sources:
You may have written the whole essay by inducing your original thoughts and using original language. Nonetheless, there are chances of copied content in your paper. Check for plagiarism by using authentic detectors. These tools can find out the sources of the copied content. The tools highlight the portions that have traces of plagiarism. You can change the sections accordingly.

2. It provides the exact percentage of plagiarism:
When you use plagiarism checker free online, you will also find the percentage of the plagiarized content in your copy. Up to 20% of copied content is not considered as a plagiarized copy. However, if it gets up to 25-30%, you have to weed out those sections from the copy instantly.

3. It helps you to paraphrase:
Unintentionally plagiarised contents can be identified easily when you use an online plagiarism checker. Some of the detectors also suggest that you write a particular line in a different way or language so that you can remove the plagiarized portion.

4. It provides you with authenticity reports:
When you check for plagiarism, and it shows that 0% plagiarism in your paper, you get a proof of the authenticity of the assignment or dissertation or any types of academic paper. You can submit the report at your university to prove that your paper is 100% original.

Check for plagiarism before submitting every academic paper and impress your supervisors right away.

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