There are several uncertainties in the world which are beyond our control such as natural disasters, fire, or may be security intrusions and theft. When such unexpected events hit, the businesses are impacted badly due to data loss. If Enterprises do not have the disaster recovery plan ready, the risks could be huge. According to Gartner, only 6 percent of the companies are able to revive their business after data loss. So, just imagine the degree of impact of a disaster on the businesses.

To mitigate the impact and damages of any such uncalled event, the companies need to get prepared in advance with an effective disaster recovery plan to ensure business continuity.

Having said that, we should also understand the difference between disaster recovery and business continuity because many users get confused between both the terms.

Difference between Business continuity and Disaster Recovery
Business continuity is related to the survival of each critical business system/function whereas disaster recovery is related to the survival of IT systems. Disaster Recovery is one of the major part of business continuity.

Summarizing it all, here are 4 clear reasons your business needs disaster recovery plan right now:

You may lose the race: Even a small downtime may lead to an acute business loss. This loss due to a catastrophe can be irreversible. There are very few chances of reopening the business after a major data loss. So, if you do not have a tested disaster recovery plan, you may lose the race with your competitors, even if you manage to survive somehow.

Your DR plan adds credibility: Disaster recovery plans should be your priority if you do not have it yet. Apart from averting the impacts of unexpected events, a DR plan offers other advantages too. It adds value to your business profile.

Prevention is always cheaper than the costs of cure: A cloud offering - Disaster recovery-as-a-service or data center colocation services as a DR plan are some of the cost-efficient options wherein you will pay only for what you use. It is definitely much economical when compared to the failure of business due to unpreparedness and ignorance.

Focus on your core business: Disaster recovery solutions at data centers not only saves your business from any unforeseen damage, but it also saves your business from any security threats, network issues etc. Data center services for disaster recovery is a comprehensive solution to ensure high availability of IT systems and business continuity. As a result, you can be able to focus better on your core business.

Planning the disaster recovery will not be enough if you have not evaluated it and tested it for its effectiveness. Contact a data center services provider immediately to prepare a foolproof disaster recovery plan for your business.

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