An education is one of the greatest ways through which families that have social capital preserve and perpetuate it. This can further increase the gap between the poor and the rich. However, no student should be excluded from a tertiary education simply because they can’t afford it. One of the easiest ways to access a good education is to apply for one of the scholarships made available by a host of benevolent organizations. This article presents some examples of scholarships available to students. It’s important that you familiarize yourself with the requirements of the donor, such as financial thresholds, whether you will need to do any service to the community in return, and the type of results you need in order to be considered. Also, check the closing dates and other such information.

Essay Service Writer’s Encouragement Scholarship
The Writers Encouragement Scholarship is the brainchild of the essay writing company The company runs the scholarship program as part of their Writing Development Program. According to the company, this scholarship, which makes available up to $500 in assistance, is a sign of their commitment to the continued success of their members. The scholarship encourages students to practice their writing whether it is academic writing or other forms of writing. What makes this scholarship different from others out there is that it doesn’t only focus on how an applicant’s current easy is written: it compares it with any previous essay submitted by the same student before. Students who show greater improvement stand a better chance of being awarded. Another good thing is that students who did not qualify during the last application window can use EssayService’s broad range of tools to improve their essay writing. The application criteria can be accessed on the company’s website.

LeadMN Morrie Anderson Endowed Scholarship
The “Morrie Anderson Endowed Scholarship” was established by friends and colleagues of Morris J. Anderson as a legacy project after he stepped down from his position as the Chancellor of Minnesota State Colleges and Universities. This scholarship, which makes available an estimated $10,000 to qualifying students doing technical programs at any of the schools affiliated to the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities, is designed to offer assistance to deserving students who live around Minnesota. Apart from being a student of these affiliated colleges, to be eligible for this scholarship, students have to be in good academic standing. Preference is given to students who don't only show financial need, they must also indicate great promise.

Florida International University Jose Antonio Echeverria Scholarship
The “The Jose Antonio Echeverria Scholarship” was established by the Florida International University in honor of José Antonio Echeverría who once served as Havana’s President of the University Students Federation. The scholarship offers qualifying students up to $4,000 per annum to assist them to cover the cost of education related expenses including books and tuition. Students studying disciplines such as Architecture, Religious Studies, Politics and International Relations and History qualify. The main aim of the scholarship is to help stimulate an understanding of the 1950s Cuba.

Broadcast Education Association Administered Scholarships
The BEA Administered Scholarships was established by the Broadcast Education Association (BEA) with the aim of honoring broadcasters and the broad electronic media sphere where they operate. The BEA itself was established in 1955 and over the years has become a respected international academic media organization dedicated to creating distinction in the media field. The juniors, seniors, and graduate students who are enrolled in institutions affiliated to the BEA on two or four-year qualifications qualify for the scholarship. The scholarship, which could amount to $27,000 should be used solely for education related expenses including the payment of tuition fees, buying books prescribed by the university, or items for use in the university dormitory.
If you have a dream of getting a tertiary qualification and don’t have the means to make the dream come true, consider the benefits that a scholarship can offer you. Many scholarships will require you to do some work like writing an essay or doing a certain project. These are the scholarships you need to apply for as many people will avoid doing anything other than filling in an application form. Statistics indicate that scholarships which require students to write essays can have as little as 500 applicants while those that do not can have ten times this number. Just ensure that the paper you will present for the application represents the best of your writing skills.

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