You don't consider yourself a messy or disorganized person, but somehow the paperwork and files continue to pile up on your desk. Besides saving your sanity, having an organized office will help improve your productivity, which can have all kinds of positive residual effects -- less stress, or maybe even a promotion!

1. Clear your Desktop

The most intuitive first step toward in your office space planning and organizing is having your desktop cleared of clutter. Keeping it clear for the long haul is a different story, but if your goal is to a productive and organized office, start with clearing your desk.

Some items have to stay, but they can be stored away, just close by. Papers that have to stay on your desk can be slotted in a paper tray, preferably one with multiple levels to give you more storage space. As for those manuals and other books, get a bookshelf if you don't already have one.

2. Clear All Walkways

Unless you are entertaining clients, you can remove furniture like coffee tables in waiting areas or in your office if you are fortunate enough to have the space to accommodate it. Otherwise, you are just giving yourself an additional place to deposit your clutter.

3. Have a Daily Organizing Routine

Nobody intends for their office space to get messy, but somehow it creeps up on us. One of the important ways to stay in control is to have an end-of-day routine. Just before you plan to head out of the office, take a few minutes each day to “tidy up.” Maybe have a short checklist of what needs to be maintained.

One of the biggest causes of clutter is procrastination ("I'll file that report later..."), but if you have a small portion of your day dedicated to organizational tasks, you are well on your way to long-term success. Plus, when you come to the office in the morning, you are greeted with a clean workspace!

4. Indirect Ways to Stay Organized

Sometimes a messy office is a symptom of unhappiness. While there may be more complicated reasons for your dissatisfaction, one way to improve your state of mind is to surround your workspace with inspiration. If you are staring at a computer most of your days, it's important for you to take mental breaks and "drift" for a few minutes. When you are looking around, wouldn't it be nice to set your eyes on a piece of art that moves you?

While office rules vary, if you are in a progressive environment, express yourself with a few knick-knacks. This may seem diametrically opposed to the idea of clearing clutter, but as long as you are prudent with your choices and stay disciplined with cleaning other items, creating an environment that makes you happy will make you more prone towards staying organized.

Lastly, make sure your office is bright and preferably within the view of a window. It sets the right mood and will help avoid the afternoon lull.

Author's Bio: 

Jason Knapfel is Content Manager at Webfor, an Internet marketing company. One of their clients is Portland office furniture company Rose City Office Furnishings.