Dating is fun, but settling down with someone you love? Well, there's just nothing better. Everyone encounters a twinge of fear when they contemplate spending the rest of their lives with the same person. What if one or both of you get bored? What if one of you change too much? Don't worry. There are four solid secrets that are guaranteed to keep the flame alive.

Don't Stop Dating!

Dating is a fun and easy way to grow emotional intimacy. It's a great way to relax and relieve stress, whether it was just a bad day at the office or an uncomfortable argument. Dates offer the perfect settings to dream together, make plans together, and talk openly and support each other.

Many studies have shown that couples who dream together stay together longer. When it comes to date night, the right look can set it right over the top. Smooth legs can complete any outfit and boost confidence, but we get busy and we get tired. Consider Phaze Laser Med Spa hair removal to keep yourself ready for date night fun. Though it can hurt a little (the equivalent of being snapped with a rubber band), the pain dissipates quickly.

Make Memories

Making memories to last a lifetime is very important, as is experiencing new things together. Traveling is a great way to do just that—and it's not nearly as expensive as you might think. You don't have to go across the world to travel or try something new. Plan a vacation to a city neither of you have been to, or pick a restaurant with cuisine that's new to you. Even if you don't like where you've gone, you have the memory of trying something new with your partner. These are the sort of memories that will help to bond you for a lifetime.

Grow up, Together!

Work on yourself and never stop growing. Be who you've always wanted to be. Don't be afraid that you'll change too much for your partner to love you—they already do! By having an open line of communication and discussing your dreams with your partner, there will be no surprises when you reach for the moon. Finding success together will only bring you closer together.

Listen, Hear, Love

Never stop listening and learning about your partner. You're not the only one with goals, dreams, and ambitions. Opinions and circumstances change. Your partner should be your best friend. Ask them about their day, thoughts, and feelings. Every day is a new opportunity to learn about them. Taking the time to show interest in them shows them that despite how long you've been together, you still love them and want to know them. It also ensures that they stay interested in you and your changes.

So maybe the best secrets to keeping your flame alive seem more like common sense than anything, but these are methods that people who have been married for decades swear by. These are the things that marriage counselors advise. And these are things that, as people, we should do for the ones that we love. One thing's for sure, if you follow these four tips, your relationship will last.

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