Nothing is permanent, even the most beautifulfiberglass in the backyard. The most common problem that the fiberglass pool owners face is they do not understand the right time to replace their pool. People are getting confused in whether to change it or not.

However, there are some specific considerations that say the pool needs a replacement. Let’s know those common fiberglass pool problems with which the homeowners deal with.

  1. Repaired Color Does Not Match with Rest of The Pool

Repairing a fiberglass swimming pool is a daunting task indeed. If a pre-installed pool needs a repair, it becomes difficult to match the repaired color to the rest of the pool. Even the most talented team of professional pool designers and installers consider this a challenge to cope with this problem. With the huge range of color collection, it would not be difficult to reinstall the pool.

  1. Fiberglass Pools Can Get Spider Crack in the Gel Coat

Spider cracks on the pool bed or on the wall are not at all attractive. This is another reason why people want pool replacement. The fiberglass pool walls are designed for one-time installation. Therefore, any gel coat does not cover the spider crack. Gel coats are very thin and they will not give the laminated glass effect. On the other hand, when the cracks occur on that part of the pool where water pressure is very high, and the coat does not flex.

  1. Bulging the Pool Walls

Bulged pool walls look very ugly on a fibreglass swimming pool. Bulges happen due to backfilling. One must be very careful on the part of swimming pool installation in Brisbane. Sand is a common backfill material that is used initially during the time of pool installation, and it presses against the fiberglass wall when saturated by water. Most of the time, it happens on the high water pressure areas. Unfortunately, when it happens in a pool it needs to replace but repair.

  1. Old Pool Installation

Fiberglass is almost a new and advanced product in the part of pool installation. Those who have concrete based pools previously are turning their heads towards fibreglass swimming pool installation on a major scale. It looks modern and considered as a perfect fit for garden and backyard. People need to renovate their home according to their choice and contemporary style. Fiberglass swimming pool is one of the trendiest features in home renovation. As a result, it becomes a new craze to replace old pool and install fibreglass pool.

Bottom Line:

Being the advanced and trendiest pool product, the fibreglass swimming pool has become the latest hype amongst the Australian homeowners. This installation not only makes the home look gorgeous, but also comes in pocket-friendly price. Glass is delicate. Therefore, installing process of the fibreglass pool can be tricky; so, it needs experienced and certified professionals to install or re-install.

Author's Bio: 

The author is an experienced designer who has been working in one of the best companies for fibreglass swimming pool installation in Brisbane. Being a passionate writer and an expert in swimming pool installation he wrote an ocean of journals and articles on pool design, installation and renovation.