We've all seen those commercials where men are lifting tons of weight and saying that testosterone is the key to being a healthy man. It's true that men naturally produce a high amount of testosterone and it's one of the main reasons they have more muscular builds than females. However, testosterone production starts to decline with age. Here are four common signs that your testosterone levels may be plummeting.

Erectile Dysfunction

Sexual activity is always one of those areas where a lack of testosterone will be obvious. Those who have a decline in their ability to maintain an erection or achieve one to start with may be dealing with low T. It's important to realize that there are many different things that can cause erectile dysfunction, so you should check with your doctor to determine if low T is the actual cause of your sexual problem.

Rapid Hair Loss

We all know that hair loss tends to be more genetic than anything else. However, low testosterone can be to blame if you start to experience a rapid decline in the amount of hair that you have. You'll notice a significant decrease in the hair on your face, head, and body. If you're wondering if your hair loss is due to low T or simply genetics, you can enlist the help of NuMale Medical Center to determine the actual cause.

Weight Gain

Taking a look at older gentlemen compared to younger ones, you'll notice one stark difference most times. Older men tend to gain more weight in their stomach and back as they continue to age. Low testosterone is often associated with increased weight gain. It can also make it much more difficult to lose weight. This can create a vicious cycle that can lead to a significant increase in a man's body fat level.


We've saved this sign of low testosterone for last as fatigue can be a common sign of many things. However, if fatigue happens alongside other symptoms that we've notated above, it's likely due to low testosterone levels in your body. You may feel as if you just don't have the same energy that you're used to having. Or, you may just feel incredibly tired all of the time.

When it comes to staying healthy and active, you need testosterone to do so. When your body's production slows down, it can cause the symptoms above. If you're currently experiencing these issues, it's a good idea to talk with your medical professional for advice and treatment.

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