If you have a loved one residing in a nursing home, it is helpful to keep an eye on their health and general well-being. Although most nursing homes provide great care for their residents, sometimes an older person can experience problems due to staff neglect. Here are some of the most common issues that families often report.

Ill-Explained Injuries

An aged person who doesn't speak clearly or much at all may have difficulty explaining the cause of new or recent injuries. If you visit a loved one and discover new bruises, wounds, or signs of pain in a bone or muscle, ask the staff for an explanation. They should have noticed these signs before you do and have them documented in their daily observation notes. If they can't explain the injuries, that could be worrisome.

Unexpected Change in Condition

Seniors' medical or health conditions can change suddenly at times, possibly due to a stroke, heart event, or another underlying or chronic condition like diabetes. But if you notice a change that cannot be readily accounted for, take your loved one for a medical checkup and talk to the doctor about a diagnosis. If the resident seems suddenly confused, dehydrated, or weak, it could be related to their health, or it might stem from nursing home neglect, like failure to provide adequate nutrition or hydration.

Unclean Facility or Room

When the building appears frequently unkept, or the resident's room is messy or odorous, that could be a sign of neglect. Look for indications that the untidiness or uncleanliness could be causing risky health problems, like unflushed toilets, or soiled bed linens. Dirty dishes, torn clothing, or other indications of neglect should be investigated along with a request for improvements.

Inadequate Resident Care

A resident who appears excessively tired, depressed, dirty, hungry, or thirsty may not be getting the care that is needed. Talk to the staff supervisor about the reason for these observations and what they mean. Then you might want to contact a personal injury lawyer if your loved one is suffering from obvious or suspected neglect.

We trust nursing homes to care for aging loved ones who can no longer take care of themselves. Listen to the resident's complaints or watch for signs of neglect that need to be addressed. Our seniors depend on you to protect them from abuse by being their advocate and consulting professionals who can assist.

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