Today, people have the prerogative to express their feelings through technologically savvy gadgets like mobile phones when they are unable to say it in person. There’s just one problem. Guys know that in order to text or call a girl, they must first ask her number, but the sad truth is, a lot of guys don’t know how to as a girl for her number. After all, it is not easy approaching someone you don’t know or making yourself look awkward or stupid before someone you are trying so hard to impress. The challenge is getting started, but experts agree that the rest isn’t really that impossible. Here are four ways you can get your girl to give you her digits:

1. Make eye contact.
Before you even think about approaching her, you will need to let her know that you are interested. Make eye contact, but be sure you look your best. the way you carry yourself must exude confidence but also friendliness and openness. Do not try to do anything weird to catch her attention. But if you have a friendly smile, you are sure to light up even the most crowded space, and she will get to notice you that way.

2. Make small talk.
Make your way to her to begin a conversation. There are no guidelines when doing this. The most important thing about choosing a topic is making sure that it does not make the woman uncomfortable. When striking up a conversation, start with the most obvious common interest. For instance, you are both waiting in line for the bus, so you can say, “The bus is late today, huh?” or “It looks like it’s going to rain.” if she responds, you can now chat her up and ask her name, interests and whatever your fancy as long as it’s natural and light. If you can keep talking about a common interest, there’s a great possibility that you will end up talking enjoyably.

3. The most crucial secret - cut the conversation short.
You are very much into her, but you will also need reasons to get her number so you could chat with her more. Politely tell her that you had a lot of fun talking to her, but you have to be somewhere and you are running late. If she enjoyed the conversation as much as you did, there’s a great chance she will give you her number and maybe even ask you for yours.

4. Excuse yourself.
Before you go, tell her again that you had a great time chatting with her, and that you will call her again soon. Whatever you do, do not give a specific time and date for when you would call. Politely secure her number and say good-bye.

These steps exist because it is rude for a guy to approach a woman he does not know and get her number without bothering with an effort to befriend her first. In general, girls don’t give out their number unless they like a guy, so you will need to work on building rapport with your girl. All in all, these steps on how to ask a girl for her number work if you maintain an open and confident personality without looking like a hot-shot.

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The conversation on it's own can decide the outcome. Learn to do it right on what girls like to talk. Make sure you convey alpha male personality throughout the contact.