“Stop - Breathe - Listen - Love”

Sometimes we think that no one loves us… but that’s far from the truth. We are loved from a deep place within if we stop for a moment.

Here Are 4 Simple Steps

1 - Whenever you get to feeling down, just stop what you are doing and go sit somewhere quiet and close your eyes for a few moments. There is nothing more positive and uplifting than sitting in silence while the world whirls on by. Just concentrate on your breathing in and out. Just notice that your heart is beating and that your skin is warm, plus your shoulders are starting to come down.

2 - Breathe deep and take 24 super deep breaths. That’s it… just keep breathing in and out and breathing in super deep. Notice the tension in your neck starting to relax, notice that tension headache starting to let go, notice that tired feeling in your eyes starting to disappear. Keep this up for 5 or 10 minutes.

3 - Now, breathe softly and listen to your heart. What is your heart telling you? Your heart is always there to talk to… it cares about you and wants to give you a hug and hold you in its warm embrace. Just listen to that beating, it’s keeping you alive, your heart cares about you and wants you to take care of yourself. What is your heart telling you?

4 - Tell yourself how much you love your heart. Speak to your heart and tell it how thankful you are that your heart keeps beating and doing its job 24/7. Then move to your abdomen and tell every organ in your body how grateful you are for all the wonderful work they do to keep you alive. Then go to your head and tell your mind to be still and listen because you love your mind. And then tell your limbs how much you love your arms and legs.

OK - Now you can open your eyes and remember just how much love you have within… and remember that God lives in your heart.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider

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