Most people who smoke cigarettes rolled physically agree to the fact that it gives them a better experience than that of a ready-made one. For a few who make it a point to smoke specific hand rolled cigarettes, gather all necessary ingredients and accessories that can enable them to roll out a perfect cigarette. A rolling paper, loose tobacco, rolling trays, smoke box case, etc. are easily available at stores and thus accumulating them is something very easy for those who are enthusiasts.

The loose tobacco that is available in stores is treated with various chemicals that increase the shelf life of the tobacco. The chemicals, when inhaled, can be harmful to the body. Thus, some people like to grow their tobacco, treat it with the necessary procedure and roll out their cigarettes with it. You may also opt to grow tobacco and use it accordingly. Following the below-mentioned formula may help you with the process of bringing about a change to the smoke box case that you own.

  • Taking care of the legal norms – Most countries do not allow people to grow tobacco unless they have a license to do so. But there is an exception for those who intend to grow it for individual use and is above 18 years of age. You can only grow a maximum of 15 kgs of tobacco when grown at home.
  • Planting the seeds – Choosing good quality tobacco seeds is crucial, and thus you may take help from an expert or look up on the Internet for advice. You need to arrange for a pot with soil that has a mix of sand in it. Excessive seeds may result in a thick growth and thus making it unmanageable. Tobacco plants require a warm and humid area to grow and are delicate, and so the seeds need not be pushed into the soil. Keeping the pot on the window sill or under a lamp can fix the deal for the best smoking kit for you to own.
  • Harvesting the leaves – While the plant grows, it would flower and gradually you would notice the leave growing large. Large leaves indicate that the leaves are ready to be plucked. Plucking the leaves from the bottom is something you should follow as they grow earlier than the ones that are on top.
  • Drying and treating them – Tobacco leaves for the best smoking kit have high water content and contain ammonia. Therefore to remove the moisture content one needs to dry them. As you are growing them at home, you could lay them to dry in the sun. The drying process when complete would give the leaves a brownish colour. The final procedure is curing them to remove the ammonia content in it. You could procure a curing chamber where a certain amount of humidity and temperature is required for all the harmful essences to get removed from the leaves. It is always good to let the leaves age for a year or so would let you get the best taste.
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The author Ron Spencer has a keen interest in hand-rolled cigarettes and has all relevant information about the ingredients and accessories like the best smoking kit and the smoke box case that is an asset for smokers.