The year is almost at its end and New Year’s resolutions strike again! You’re probably declaring another attempt to a better you this New Year. Whatever happened to the ones you made this year? You started out determined and full of hope but somewhere along the line all of it slowly lost its appeal to you.

Realizing the process and merging it with reality will allow you to stay grounded and connected with more energy, focus and happiness. Think about what you really need to improve about yourself and zero in on these facets exclusively. But don’t push yourself too hard; breathe and let the change gradually strengthen your resolve. There is a research-based intensive lifestyle change that encourages health-promoting strategies and it is quite interesting.

Changing old life habits takes time. It involves the combined power of knowledge and action. You have to understand that it is a process. Changing everything all at once can be overwhelming. Take small steps. Do your research and careful planning to set small goals and achieve them one step at a time. Read all you can about health and make the right choices. Having a good support system is also a plus to get you going. Committing and following through will be more manageable.

Here are a few changes you can do to get you started:

Get enough sleep
With the digital age and so much stuff on the Internet to keep you busy, it’s challenging to get enough zzz’s. Ease your obsession with mobile games and social media. Sleep is important. It allows our body to repair and recover from a day’s work. Set a regular bedtime routine and make sure to go to bed at a reasonable time every night.

Stay hydrated
We go for delicious convenience and instant gratification so we grab that soda. Skip it. Reduce your intake of alcohol, processed fruit juices or fizzy drinks. Instead, drink up 8 glasses of water or more. It will do wonders for your health.

Eat better
Consume more food rich in fiber like vegetables and fruits. Pick meals with good fats that are low in carbs. Go for less processed or completely unprocessed food. It’s packed with healthy nutrients your body needs to keep you going. Eating unhealthy food can sometimes be comforting. If you choose to eat better, you’ll crave less junk food.

Get moving
Sitting all day is bad for you. Get up! Go for a 10-minute walk or do 10 pushups. Motivate yourself to be active. You don’t have to go to the gym. Do quick and simple activities that will get your blood pumping. Break a sweat!

Rushing to your goals won’t work. You may feel some kind of high but it will soon burn you out. Find more sustainable ways to keep you on the path. It’s always fulfilling when you’ve jumped over a hurdle. Reward yourself with productive things or experiences such as going to the theatre, a good massage, or a trip to the beach. Meaningful and pleasurable lifestyle changes are most effective as they encourage and guide people without judgment.

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Lora Y