Safety of the senior or aged members is a big concern of a family. Thankfully, modern gadgets are helping to ensure their safety and this article is going to explain a few of the trending security gadgets.

While we all worry about leaving alone our aged members or grandparents in the home, these days there are a lot of safety devices or security systems available to free you from the worry. Even better, the evolution of smart home technology has taken security to another level. It comprises of home security installation including several interconnected devices to keep a close watch on the elders and raise quick alerts in case of intruders or emergencies. The innovation of smart security system has made everything from door locks to surveillance cameras intelligent and highly responsive. Thus, you can rely on them to make your parents or grandparents feel safer while you are away. Here are the key security gadgets explained installing which will ensure the safety of your members.

#1 Wireless security cameras

You and your elders can keep tabs on who is coming, what’s happening in the entryway, outside porch, garden or the backyard of the home with high-end wireless cameras. They are mostly battery-powered (lasting for 4-6 months), have an adjustable motion to detect movements, capture HD videos and even capture infrared night vision. Being smart cameras, they are synced to the owner’s smartphones or computer with an application. So, who could watch 24x7 who is visiting and what’s going on around your house.

#2 Smart Intercoms

Intercom is a must-have device for home security! So, with up-gradation of traditional intercoms to a smart intercom that is equipped with more functions, you can assure a higher level of security for your parents. Intercom allows the elders staying inside the home to see who has come to visit them through the intercom’s camera and then communicate with them through a voice-activated (or video chat) system. Thus, the elders can control who will be entering their home and interact with deliverymen or mailman without opening the door.

Keyless Smart Locks

To ensure foolproof security in your home while leaving the elders, replace the tradition locks with keyless smart locks. They are built with sturdy material like stainless steel and affixed with the doors (which is impossible to break-in). Besides, there’s no way they can be unlocked by duplicate key or any brooch. Smart locks are operated by a master code or PIN set by the owner. Therefore, only the members with whom the owner shares the code can access the house. Besides, the locks can be operated by the owner from afar to allow entry of desired members if the grandparents are weak and not capable to move.

Alarms and sensors

How to assure the safety of the elders from fires, electric circuit faults and other mishaps? Well, smart alarms and sensors will help. They are accompanied by motion sensors which are capable of detecting anything, be it smoke, carbon monoxide, and even rush of waters. Once a mishap is sensed, the device will send off a loud cry (alarm) alerting the members and notifies the relevant emergency service numbers to seek quick help.

A home safe for the age-old members is also safe on the whole! Thus, you can assure the safety of the kids and other members of your family too with these smart security installation systems. With these, you can not only make the members feel safe but also know about their whereabouts anytime and from anywhere.

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Rodney Zammit is a former electrician and expert blogger who discusses the evolutions in the electrical systems, smart technologies and smart home installation. He mostly writes on the uses and advantages of smart systems such as smart locks, smart intercom and wireless cameras in homes and commercial settings.