The smooth functioning of an organization depends on how well the Operation managers handle their team. They oversee the production of goods and the quality of services. Their other responsibilities include meeting the expectations of clients, analysing statistics and manage day-to-day activities.

To meet the expectations of the clients, Operation Managers have to make sure that their team is productive and are in a good mindspace to work. This can only happen if the managers interact with their team on a day-to-day basis. If you are pursuing an MBA in Operations Management from one of the best MBA colleges in Maharashtra , chances are you have been taught the importance of developing numerous soft skills. But which are the ones you should look out for? Let’s take a look at 4 of them.

1. Communication

Communication is the most important skill an operation manager should possess. It helps in creating a rapport with your team members, seniors and most importantly, with your clients. You will conduct several meetings with your clients where ideas will be suggested back and forth. You can exert confidence in your ideas with good communication skills.

2. Keeps their team motivated

It is difficult to be motivated all the time. There are various factors that lead to it. As an Operation Manager, it is important that you keep your team motivated. Their productivity is directly proportional to the company’s growth. Interact one on one with them. Try understanding and solving their problems. After all, employees would want to work for someone who cares for them.

3. Aware of customer needs

To serve a client in the most efficient way possible, Operation Managers have to understand their every need. They need to understand the client’s product is about, what makes it different from others in the market, and how can they brand it.

Other duties of Operation managers include meeting customer satisfaction and training their team accordingly for smooth interaction.

4. Providing opportunities

As a team leader, you will be working with a set of individuals who are eager to work as well as learn from that experience. You have to place trust in your team members so that work with a sound mind. If they commit mistakes, guide them through it. This will help in raising the team’s performance level.

It is also essential that you distribute work equally so that the entire team can benefit from it. You have to maintain the fine line of giving them work and not overburdening at the same time. This will help in completing projects in an efficient and timely manner.

These are the soft skills you must develop to be a good operations manager. Graduating from one of the best MBA institutes in India and your on job experience will help you with that.

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