There is nothing more professional looking than an iPad Mockup PSD despite the small size of the gadget. Most presentations happen in a boardroom with an LCD projector, where everything is magnified. But if you are presenting a digital product to a group of investors or prospective clients, you don’t really need things to be magnified. You need things to be as close to the actual thing as possible.

But why the iPad? This way, you can easily showcase your digital asset wherever you are. You don’t need to reserve the boardroom and you don’t need to reschedule a meeting with clients in case the conference venue is not available. You can simply take out your middle-sized Apple gadget and show off your product wherever you are. The iPad is also the perfect middle ground between a desktop and a mobile phone, which is convenient if you are presenting a web design or a mobile application.

First, let us look at the four steps you can follow when creating a professional iPad Mockup PSD for your prospective clients:

1. Put your design on paper

Before the digital mockup, try drawing your idea on paper. If not drawing, try making a 3D presentation out of it using actual items in the house or office—wherever it is you work. Say you are working on a design for an e-commerce website, do a mockup using printed photos or cutouts of things you want to appear on the screen of your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop.

Why do you need to do this? Actually, there is no need to. But it helps you exercise your creativity when you are doing art or design the old-school way. It also helps you get in touch with reality. So many people have been caught up with the digital world that they have lost touch with reality. The real world is always a great inspiration for digital work.

2. Create your mockup from a blank canvass

There are so many mockup templates in the internet and a lot of them are free. Find a free PSD mockup that is almost a blank canvas so you are free to create a design from scratch. Ramotion provides 10 devices mockups in PSD file and sketch. The advantage of this is that you don’t have to convert one from the either because both kinds are available. The Ramotion designs will help showcase you apps on the App Store.

These are the available iPad Pro PSD mockup designs:
• iPad Pro Clay White Landscape PSD
• iPad Pro Clay Black Portrait Sketch
• iPad Pro Clay White Portrait PSD
• iPad Pro Clay White Landscape Sketch
• iPad Pro Clay Black Isometric PSD
• iPad Pro Clay Black Landscape PSD
• iPad Pro Clay Black Portrait PSD
• iPad Pro Clay White Isometric PSD

With black and white backgrounds available, you can surely create a sophisticated design. Using the images you have in mind for your design prototype, just drag and drop them on your choice of iPad Mockup PSD.

3. Use Smart Objects

Smart Objects allow for easy editing when it comes to creating a vector mockup because the layers preserve the file’s source content. This means that original characters will be kept so that when you edit the design, they will not be damaged or corrupted.

When you use a Linked Smart Object, it will also automatically update when you make changes to the source file. That’s exactly why it is named “smart.” You can rotate the items using Smart Objects, as well as scale, distort and do other editing actions without affecting original data. Filters can also be done any time.

4. Get a mockup generator website

There are so many free iPad mockup designs on the internet that you can download. With that, you can just drag and drop your own design to the mockup template. If you notice, there are mockups that are specific to a particular gadget. Say the above available mockups from Ramotion, they are all for iPad Pros—that means there are also designs that are most suitable for iPad Airs.

There are also iPad and iPhones mockup, which is great at showing your web or mobile design from different screens. This is important because you want to ensure your clients that the difference in screen size will not affect the look of the website, particularly if the order is for a mobile application. Mobile applications are expected to be more prominent in smaller screens like mobile phones or a small technology like an iPad Mini.

There are different mockups that would go great with your design project. For example, if your website or mobile app design is for a website that is athletic in nature, you might want to have a mockup of an iPhone on a yoga mat along with some common exercise accessories like dumbbells, ab wheel, exercise ball, among others. If your digital design is effeminate in nature, you can show an iPad in the hands of a woman in whatever background that would showcase best your digital product. There are so many options for you and there are mockup generators for almost all designs. Or you can make your own mockup.

Why use an iPad Mockup PSD?

There is just something about Apple products that are just so sophisticated. They work well and are also easy to navigate. So presenting your digital work through an iPad is already very professional. It also helps that Apple products work seamlessly with each other. So if you have data or files saved in your iPhone, you can easily open them on your iPad while you are presenting your Mockup PSD to a client.

Pull out a perspective mockup, which essentially shows your layout from different angles. This will leave no room for any possible mistakes in the design. The iPad is the perfect size to showcase this kind of mockup. It is also a great thing that Apple updated the iPad Air and iPad Mini this year, through less fanfare than usual for the tech company.

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