If you sell products or render services that give your clients transformational outcomes, they will pay you anything to get it. But is this enough to Land Premium Clients?

First, you need to get a hang of three things…

• Identify and hone in your unique selling proposition
• Tailor your service to give only your best value
• Target your most ideal clients who can invest in your services

I have broken down these into 4 steps that you need to take if you’re going to attract the right kinds of clients.

Understanding this in our business at ClientsValley was the game changer for me. I saw my income move from five, to six and then seven figures. And I haven’t stopped ever since.

1. Identify Specific Needs or Pain points

Your approach to helping your clients get transformational results will be flawed if you cannot identify the real problems you solve. But if you know the exact problem, then can you have a better approach, with faster and more effective results.

When you get down to the specifics of the problem your business or program solves, creating a faster, simple and more effective solution becomes easier.

Taking a step further, you must identify the most painful problems your business or program solves. The tougher the problem is, the faster your client wants relief.

This places more value on your service. If a client wants a solution to a problem like yesterday, and you can meet them at their pain points and bring relief. Then that’s the kind of problem you should focus on solving for your clients. Targeting these problems will help you land premium clients.

2. Find Out the Need or Pain point You Can Deliver a 100% Solution

The bigger a problem, the more profitable it is for the person who can solve it.

It’s not enough to be able to solve the most painful problems. But you must be able to solve them 100%. Failure to do this will leave the client in an even more complicated situation than when they came to you. And, an angry and dissatisfied client is a disaster for any business.

Integrity is important and key in your dealings. Servicing a client should be beyond financial rewards. Understanding this is the only way you will land premium clients.

Remember when I say the bigger a problem, the more profitable it is?

Now, here is the financial part.

The trick here is to define what problems can cover the cost of your resources while bringing the most value to your clients. This includes the…

• Critical nature of the problem,
• Cost of resources required to solve it,
• Value of its transformational outcome to the client,
• The time it takes to get the desired results, and
• Your profit

These points will help you decide what profitable problems you can solve 100%. And remember the bigger the problem, the more profitable it is for you who can solve it.

3. Establish One Main Need or Problem and Give It a Real and Lasting Solution

The greatest mistake any business owner can make is trying to wear too many hats. You work from a place of ignorance thinking that the more problems you can solve, the more clients will look to you.

Just like a drug that’s acclaimed to cure multiple ailments, disaster is just around the corner.

Focus and be a master at solving one specific problem. Be known for your single and effective approach or steps to solving the problem. It will save you lots of trouble, confusion and potential loss of clients. If you are a master at one thing then it will help you land premium clients as these clients will have to choice but to come to you if they want the best.

4. Target the Right Clients in Your Ads

When you’ve followed the previous three steps above, you should know your real worth already. And, I believe that if you help anyone solve a major life or business problem, you should be able to command $3,000 to $15,000 or more for it.

But if you decide to sell low-ticket offers, you’ll attract tire-kickers most of the time. People who are just dabblers. People who won’t take your program seriously, won’t do the work and get results.

These are not the kind of clients you want or who we work with at ClientsValley.

We target and work with clients who have real painful problems, and are willing to put in the work and blast through barriers to fix them. Clients who can afford our solutions, need results faster and are willing to invest in themselves to fix them.

Clients who are already experienced at helping their clients get great outcomes, with a track record. Clients who are ready to have someone hold their hands through their journey and are willing to pay anything to get that support.

We are that intentional about who we work with.

So there you go… that’s how you land premium clients.
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Author's Bio: 

Kennedy Cee is a Master Business Coach and the founder & CEO of ClientsValley. He makes it effortless and exciting for coaches, consultants and service professionals to attract perfect new clients. ​​​​He's helped coaches, thought-leaders and service providers all over the world take their businesses from struggling to 5 and 6-figures per month while serving the world with complete integrity and authenticity.