Motivation is one of those things everyone is looking for these days. They believe they can only accomplish their goal if they were only motivated. The problem is they look for someone to motivate them to accomplish their goals.

Unfortunately and fortunately you are the only person who can motivate yourself. I want to look at three ways for you to find your very own motivation.

#1 Look at Yourself

Why do you want to accomplish a certain goal? If the reason is not big enough you will not be motivated to stick with the goal during the ups and downs. We all realize there is not a straight path that leads to our goals. There are bends in the road, which is when we need to be stay motivated.

When I write an article I am not always motivated to write, but I realize I will feel better once I complete the article. Motivation comes back to the reason why you want something and how you will feel when it is accomplished.

#2 What Joy Will You Have Once Completed

You cannot focus on the pain of the necessary steps to reach a goal. Many people want to lose weight, but do not want the pain of riding a bike or not eating as much.

However, you need to be motivated by the life you will live once you lose the weight. Answer these questions: How will your life be different? How will your family life be different?

What if you lost the weight or went and took the college class to complete your degree? Focus on the result, not the pain.

#3 Have to e an Accountability Partner

Going through a change in your life can be difficult. To stay motivated it is wise to have an accountability partner or coach. This can be as simple as meeting once or twice a week to talk. The talks can be what you have accomplished so far or where you need help.

The accountability partner does not have to be a spouse or co-worker. Actually, having someone not related to either one would be beneficial. They could give you a fresh perspective, which you did not consider in the past. The main point is to find someone who will keep you motivated and not “rain on your parade” so to speak.

#4 Listen or Read

Reading or listening to motivational authors is crucial. You need to keep the right mindset. Listening to the radio on your way to work is probably one of the worst things you can do. All you ever hear one the radio is bad news or people complaining about how bad things are in the country or world. We do not have to listen. We have other choices.

Go find some good CDs from people like Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy or John Maxwell. The nice thing about picking these authors is many of their books are available on CD or you can even download them on your ipod.

Staying motivated is difficult and is one of the main reasons people give up on their goals too quickly. They do not see results instantly and decide they cannot accomplish their goals. I say stick with them a little longer and keep the light of your motivation burning until you reach your goals.

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