Are you still sitting in front of your vision board waiting for the results you want? Why is it that some people get exactly what they want and you're still visualizing?

The "how" to get results from your vision board may surprise you, but it is also what sets you apart from those that are living their visualizations now.
Here are for steps to get you on the path to the results you want..

Step One - Know the real purpose of what a vision board does. Your board doesn't get the universe to do anything. The purpose of your board is to get YOU into a state of being of acceptance / receiving so that you can receive what the universe already has ready for you. Its true purpose is to get you in alignment with the universe. So if you are using it to convince the universe to create the things, change your attention to you and be sure that your board is designed to get YOU in the optimal state of receiving.

Step Two - Check the design of your board and make sure that you believe that you can have the results that you want. If you look at your board and your first thought is, "There's no way I'm going to...." then you will never experience a state of acceptance and therefore your vision board will expand the opposite of all that is on it. So look at the items you have put on your board and ask yourself, do I really believe that this is a possibility for me right now? If not, take the picture off and put up a picture that you really believe is a possibility for you. The universe can only deliver through you, so it can only deliver what you are willing to believe is possible.

Step Three - Know that visualization works for you. If you spend all this time getting your board together, but all the while don't believe it is going to work for you, save yourself the time because you won't get the results you want. Say to yourself, "I am willing to consider that visualization can help me to create the results I want in my life," and you will start to believe it.
Step 4 - Pay attention to your state of being when you walk away from your board. If you spend a half an hour a day with a well designed vision board in a state of being of acceptance you are doing great. But what about the other 23 and a half hours left in the day? What is your state of being? If you are like some of us, as soon as you leave your board you go from acceptance to resistance by thinking, "But it's not here yet." Be aware of your state of being and be willing to experience the states of being you experienced during your visualization throughout the rest of your day.

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