What in the heck is a “wantrepreneur” anyways?

A wantrepreneur is exactly that. They simply “want” to “preneu” or start something of their own, but they never develop the mental focus and determination to make their dreams a reality. Here are four rules to help you strengthen your entrepreneurial capabilities and kill the “wantrepreneur” inside of you.

1. Dream Big:

Napoleon Hill (author of “Think and Grow Rich”) as well as many other top contributors in the area of personal development will often tell you that “success starts in the mind” and they’re totally right! If you run your small business with the intention, audacity, and structure of it someday becoming a big business, then it will be. It’s that simple! You’ll find over the course of time that as you set goals, you’ll often fall short. It’s always better to fall short of a big goal knowing that you have given all you had (and can reset your goals) rather than meeting a small goal and relaxing knowing simply that “the job got done.”

2. Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance:

Procrastination and preparation are two dramatically extensive topics that I could talk for days about, but for the sake of brevity I’m going to combine them together. In my opinion, they go hand in hand. Preparation is so important, but just because you’re a good planner, doesn’t mean you’re good at “the follow-through” or turning those plans into reality. For the sake of your future, kill the comfort zone already and eliminate procrastination. It’s often easy at times to get to the end of the day with unfinished items on your schedule. You simply draw the arrow to the next day, pretend you’ll get it done, but sure enough the next day slips by, and the vicious consequences of procrastination have gotten the best of you once again.

Tip: Designate a certain period of time for your tasks to get done the following day or week, that way its smooth sailing and you don’t surprise yourself with unfinished business to attend to later.

3. Observe the Masses and Do The Opposite

Let’s admit it. If you’re reading this post, you’ve already taken the first step in separating yourself from the masses. “Normal” people don’t sit up late at night (or in the morning, whatever your thing is) and read about the habits and ideals that will ultimately yield you success. “Normal” people wake up, rub their groggy eyes, arrive at a job they dislike, to afford things beyond their budget, simply to keep up with their neighbors that they also dislike. This may be a harsh choice of words, but let’s face it; it’s a reality for the majority of Americans. So please, observe the masses and do the opposite. Always reinvest back into your dreams and your future despite what the nay-sayers might mention.

4. Embellish Failure

Don’t be afraid to strike out! When asked “Who is the greatest baseball player of all time?” the majority of people will reply with “Babe Ruth.” Many people often neglect the fact that he struck out more times than almost any other player. The same relationship can be found in the business world. Chances are, someone who runs a successful company does so with the experience under their belt of running an unsuccessful company! Robert Kiyosaki’s father figure he has dubbed so profitably as “Rich Dad” explains his investment strategy based on failure below.

“If I have ten investments, three of them will go smoothly and be financial home runs. Five will probably be dogs and do nothing. Two would be disasters. Yet I would learn more from the two financial disasters than I would from those three home runs…In fact, those two disasters are what make it easier to hit the home runs the next time I am up to bat. And that is all part of the plan.”

With all this being said, what are you going to do right now to catapult your dreams into a reality? Tell me…how bad do you “want” success? Better yet, show me. Look forward to seeing you on the Forbes 400 list! Feel free to subscribe for updates similar to this one at WeeklyHustle.com!

Let’s Stir The Conversation: What habits do you utilize to help YOU kill that whining “Wantrepreneur” inside of you?

God Bless,

Ryan Paul Ridgway

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Ryan Paul Ridgway is the founder and key contributor of WeeklyHustle.com - a one-stop online platform and knowledge base for success-minded individuals and aspiring entrepreneurs. Ryan is also an avid fitness enthusiast and carries an influential voice among the fields of entrepreneurship and marketing. He is a game changer, a trend setter, and a status quo fighter!