We all want to be proud of where we work and what we provide for our company. Are you wanting or maybe struggling to get ahead or out of your current position? Here are 4 strategies for you to implement to help you get promoted?

1. Take on More
It may not look like it and in some cases it may not be true BUT your boss works harder than you do and has worked harder to get where they are. There may be exceptions, but this is the general rule. Ask any manager or person in authority, this is what they will tell you. Which is why she is where she is and why you are where you are. To step up the corporate ladder you need to take on more, more work, more tasks, more responsibility. Do this consistently and your extra work will get noticed. You may not initially get extra pay or promoted but hang in there; the fruits of your labour will be recognized.

2. Stay Later or Arrive Earlier
Many times employees feel that their workday ends and begins according to their work schedule. Your boss does not feel the same way, generally their day ends when the company goals have been met for that day. Their day may end later, or begin sooner, than anyone elses to ensure that these goals have been met. You need to develop this same mentality. Assist your supervisor or manager when you have some downtime in your day or arrive earlier or stay later to do this. It is important to show that you have initiative. Doing this continuously over time will prove that you have a great work ethic and go above and beyond your current position, they are looking for these traits. They may find a position where you can be utilized aka promotion.

3. Committees
Start actively engaging in your work committees, this will give you an opportunity to display your leadership skills. Even if there are no possibilities for advancement within your current company, this involvement will look great on your resume. Either way, you win.

4. Speak Up.
Let your manager know that you are interested in furthering your career within the company. Your manager may have no idea or just be too busy to notice. Expressing your interest in career advancement will put the spotlight on you and then it your time to showcase your skills. After you have mentioned your interest make sure you follow through with steps 1-3! Sometimes there may be no visible room for advancement, but if you are an amazing employee your company will more than likely create a spot for you or someone may suddenly quit or be fired, leaving you as the most likely replacement.

An employers number one concern is growing their business, while increasing their profits and lowering costs, keep this in mind as you work harder and you may learn valuable insight ensuring a promotion comes your way. Act as if you are already where you want to be within your company and “as if” HAS to happen

Author's Bio: 

Kari Waldner is the owner of Scrub Masters Commercial Cleaning, a business that provides janitorial services to businesses located in Saskatoon. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact her at kariwaldner@scrubmasters.ca or visit their web page at scrubmasters.ca.