As revealed by a recent study - “Digital magazine subscriptions now outsell single issues three to one”.

The demand for digital content distribution platforms is growing day by day and even traditional publishers are keen on switching to the digital medium. That’s because it is easier for the readers to consume digitally published content i.e. they can consume it while they are at home, office or on the go.

And, it is quite evident to note that the amount of content published online on daily basis is enormous. As a result, there has been a noticeable dwindling attention span of the internet visitors.
It has become tricky to catch hold of the reader’s attention in an ocean of digitally published content, stand out and succeed in building a loyal audience base.

Following are top 4 tips to have an upper hand over your competitors on a digital content distribution platform -

1. Preview
While browsing a digital newsstand, it is quite likely that a book with an attractive cover page or an appealing title will catch a reader’s attention. Now, this reader is quick to divert all his attention towards this book. He is eager to know what lies within it. But unfortunately, he is unable to get a sneak peek. In simple words, there is no preview available for the book. In such circumstances, the reader would eventually look for other previewable options which would engage his curious mind. This phenomenon is much more prevalent than you can even imagine. Thus, always choose a digital content distribution platform which offers customizable features like “Content Preview”. As this will feature increase your odds of compelling a potential customer to purchase it.

2.Less Text More Visuals
When you have finally hopped on to the digital platform, then it is high - time that you get rid of lengthy, monotonous and essay - length text. Instead, you should take advantage of the multimedia elements which the platform has to offer. For instance - strong multimedia videos that recap important text, bullet points or hyperlinks to direct readers to external websites etc.

3.Social Butterfly
Apart from relying on an interactive content distribution platform, it is equally important to provide ample amount of exposure to your content in the social media. As words travel fast on the internet, it is important for digital publishers to promote their content amongst their target audience much in advance. As you can not expect your customers to take a proactive approach and come and meet you in the first place. If you keep on promoting yourself, then they will remember you. So, always make sure your content is well promoted on all social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Twitter and many more social channels.

4. Subscriptions
The last thing a reader would want to encounter on a digital publishing platform is a “mandatory subscription request” popping time and again like spam messages. Not only does it interrupt the reader’s activity, it’s doubly annoying when they request you to subscribe to it before you can download an issue ( of a magazine). No one would be interested in being roped into such kind of a commitment as there is always a strong possibility that the content wouldn’t be what they are expecting it to be. And if this does happen, readers, go through another level of frustration when they have to unsubscribe. Therefore, if you do need to incorporate a subscription request, then make sure you give an idea to your readers as to what it is. Also, an easy opt-out option would also be appreciated by your readers.

Unlike the traditional publishing platforms where things get set in stone once the content is published, digital platforms provide you with various flexible features. In simple words, you can make changes on an interactive content distribution platform anytime and any day.

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Ross Mike is an experienced content writer at OneRead.