If your bathroom is a small one, then fitting everything inside (or at least trying to) is like solving a giant crossword puzzle. In those challenges, installing the sink, properly configuring the toilet, putting the towels and finding ample space to shower- all can give you plenty of headaches.        


Add to the fact that bathroom renovations can be overwhelming and requires proper planning and professional assistance. To ensure that this renovation is done with a holistic design and installation, summon bathroom renovation professionals having an abundance of experience under their belt.


Having dealt with plenty of different-sized bathrooms, they will know exactly what needs to be done to achieve the perfect bathroom facelift.


So, the million dollar question is - “Wanna present your bathroom a new appearance without flushing all your funds down the commode?” Here are four renovation tips that will help in achieving this dream.


Follow closely!


  • Use Metallic Wall Tiles


To make your space conscious bathroom fashion forward; one can use metallic tiles to lend it more aesthetics. The eye-catching and reflective qualities of metallic wall tiles create the illusion of more space in the bathroom.         


One can also paint their bathroom wall with metallic paint to create a complementary backdrop to the tiles. Convey this idea to the renovation professional and hear what they have to say.


  • Think of a Bold Flooring


Opting for metallic tiles or gorgeous subway tiles with a graphic dose of patterns include as popular bathroom renovations in Willetton for small to medium sized bathrooms.


Alternatively; one can also opt for a large graphic floor rug in the bathroom to bring out more boldness. The presence of a freestanding bath will only add to the exquisiteness of the decor making it more inviting.


  • Go For Sexy Ergonomics


  • Opt for a fluid, seamless curvy design to the bathroom wall
  • Go for fixtures and faucets that are round and refined
  • Hanging wall decor highlighting the circles and curves


One can blend two or three elements to achieve the right balance. Plus when choosing the right tub one should cocoon something which complements all those curves.


  • Go GAGA With Floating Vanity and Integrated Sinks


To make small to mediocre bathrooms look commodious, leave out the wall-to-wall cabinets and opt for a floating counter or vanity as a whole. Alternatively; one can skip the traditional cabinet vanity base with open shelving and a sofa table.


One can integrate an undermount sink of the same colour as the countertop to achieve a seamless and minimalistic look.


Things to Consider Before Starting The Renovation Work:


  • Always set your budget before-hand and determine the purpose of the renovation.


  • Always opt for quality products, particularly when choosing cabinets, stone bench tops and other bathroom vanities.


  • When selecting professionals of bathroom renovations in Canning Vale always take time in researching about their market reputation, customer-pleasing record, their remodelling products and installation services and not to forget their service rates.


  • Finally, before signing any documents, set up a meeting with the renovation expert and discuss the renovation project. It will allow one to create a rapport with the professional and get vital designing feeds from them.


Do keep these aspects in mind before starting off a bathroom remodelling project. It will allow one to avoid complications when the project begins.

Author's Bio: 

The author is an expert of bathroom renovations in Canning Vale and has helped many homeowners over the years. With that, the author is also a writer educating the readers’ ideas about bathroom renovations in Willetton.