Every new small business venture, irrespective of scope or potential, has an emerging issue in the present times. Their functioning is integrated with modern technology but there is a problem of plenty they face. For every aspect there are multiple ‘tools’ and tech solutions available. At other times they are hesitant to invest in the right technology due to funding concerns.
Such moves can lead to avoidable mistakes on their part. What do small business owners need to be watchful about when utilizing technology effectively?
Randomly using technology
What good is a particular technology if it does not serve your business need in the first place? Are you adopting it just for the sake of tech? Think about these aspects before you adopt a particular technology. First and foremost, it should be capable of addressing your business requirements. Only then can it be made to work for you effectively. It might well be that what you need is minimal tech aid. How would that justify going in for a full-fledged tool? Give it a long thought.
Not testing over time
Small businesses often do not realize the importance of time in choosing the right tech tool, in a hurry to launch their business and gain mileage over competition. Give yourself ample time to figure out if the new tech you are pitching for fits the bill. Is it able to address and solve the issues peculiar to your business? Every venture has its own issues to take care of. There might be many in the market doing similar things like you but your targets and your focus will necessarily be different from them. View your tech tool in this light. Subject it to the time test. If it works out over a span of you, only then should you go for it.
Overlooking maintenance
Remember you cannot just sit back and relax once you have invested in your tech tool. You need to make it work for you, and work most effectively. Like every other technology or appliance, acquisition is the first step of a long process. You have to pay due attention to maintenance and upgrades in order to get the best out of it. You cannot expect it to do all this by itself. Security concerns also need to be on your agenda.
Not visualizing future growth
You are running a business. At this stage it is labeled as a ‘small’ business. But is this how you would like to see it, say a year from now? Obviously everyone wants growth and to stay ahead of the competition. Are you sure you have chosen the right tech to take you ahead. Every passing day will bring in newer challenges. Just because some new tech is the flavor of the season does not mean it is going to serve you well. Take your decision based upon where you see yourself a few years down the road.
Take a call based upon your own assessment and seek advice if needed from experienced tech consultants.
Every new business is interested in adopting technology to stay ahead of competition. While doing this, you must always steer clear of mistakes such as random use of technology, not leaving any space for future growth, or not testing the appropriateness of your tech tool over a period of time.

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Reshali Balasubramaniam
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