No wonder, chimney plays a crucial role in absorbing heat, fumes and other gases and releasing them safely in the outside air. Till the time you perform regular upkeep of your appliance, it will do it’s job smoothly.

Homeowners who neglect to perform regular maintenance of their chimney, often confront recurring chores and end up with potential health hazards. Lack of periodic cleaning, maintenance and operation can compel your chimney to malfunction and increase the risk of fire break out or a carbon monoxide leakage.

Is your chimney refusing to function? Are you unable to figure out the actual cause behind the deteriorating performance of your appliance? To ease your woes, we have come up with a few alarming signs that call for an immediate chimney replacement.

  • Damaged and Worn out Chimney-crown

Chimney crown located at the top of your appliance plays a crucial role in preventing water, dust and debris from damaging your appliance. Over time, it’s common for chimney crown to accumulate dirt which hinders the performance of your appliance. Moreover, if your chimney crown gets damaged, it will lose the ability to prevent water from penetrating and reduce the shelf-life of your costly appliance.

  • Cracks, Rust or Water-Damage Walls

Regular upkeep of your chimney crown can make your appliance run in good health and save your pocket from costly repairs. If you notice cracks, rust in mortar joints, spalling bricks or water damage to the walls, get in touch with the proficient experts offering chimney removal in Perth to get it repaired without further delay.

  • Rust in Brick and Mortar Joints of Chimney

If you have installed a costly chimney at home, it’s essential to conduct a periodic inspection of brick and mortar joints by the experts providing residential chimney repair to ensure everything is in order. Loose and cracked bricks can result in severe damage if not detected in advance. A good way of repairing deteriorated mortar is by installing fresh mortar that can give more protection and stability to your chimney.

  • Chimney Not Working Due to Cracked Fuel Liner

The outer lining of your chimney is the most vital part as it’s responsible for expelling smoke and fumes from fireplace and finally out of your home. With time and use, the flue liner becomes cracked, damaged and wear down. Liners also help chimneys channel out gases and heat into the outside environment. Therefore, it’s quintessential to check the condition of your fuel liner during annual inspection and get it replaced if needed.

Final Remarks

Do not let your damaged chimney count on the structural integrity of your home. A damaged chimney will not only ruin your kitchen interiors but invite hazardous circumstances as well. If you notice any of the telltale signs mentioned above, do not delay to seek professional assistance for an immediate chimney replacement.

Author's Bio: 

The author is working in a company providing affordable chimney removal in Perth and have been assisting clients with proactive chimney removal in Morley.