Buying real estate or a house can be a very significant decision. Some people spend their life earning money by buying a single real estate property. In scenarios like this, making sure that you are buying the right property is vital. After all, no one wants to stick to a place where they are not even at ease. The foremost reason for putting your blood and sweat into finding the exact property is because it is an abiding commitment. Are you also planning on buying real estate? If yes, then Andrew Saltman’s top five tips for investing in real estate can be your knight in shining armor. 

First, let me tell you more about him, though. Andrew Frank Saltman is a certified real estate representative and a successful entrepreneur residing in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. He has over 6 years’ worth of experience in the real estate industry, earning the title of one of the most reliable and proficient real estate agents countrywide. A person with this much know-how unquestionably has all the secret tricks to scrutiny a property. Let’s look at what he wants us to consider when we buy real estate. 

Ever heard the phrase stretch your legs according to your coverlet? Consider this as soon as you even think of buying real estate! 

We absolutely agree with him! You should definitely keep your monthly income in your thoughts. Buying out of your range real estate will surely mess up your expenses and savings. Not to mention, you might get into very deep waters financially. Yes, you will be able to show off to your friends or people in general but at what cost? You won’t be able to live serenely with fiscal issues now, will you? This is Andrew’s first advice to his clients. Other real estate agents don’t really care about this since they’re already being paid a fortune when a customer invests in their recommended property. Let's assume that you invest in a property that is far more expensive than you can afford; what's the worst that can happen? Well for starters, you will drown in pending mortgage payments and interests charged on loans you acquire to afford the property. 

Andrew has immense experience in the real estate sector. He believes acquiring a property on loans is easy, but it can be expensive in the long term. You pledge your future earnings in exchange for utility today at a long-term interest rate. Make sure you know how to deal with these types of loans so you don't end up with a lot of debt, or what's known as "over-leverage." In times of a bad economic environment, even the most experienced real estate gurus are confronted by over-leverage. Liquidity constraints combined with excessive debt commitments can derail real estate ventures, so staying within your budget when investing is better.

Never Invest Before Receiving a Full-fledged Inspection Report for the House You’re Investing in 

Real estate is not something that you buy just randomly. You have to check a lot of things before jumping into this bandwagon. Andrew suggests you first hire a professional inspector who can investigate every corner of your prospective home. When people visit properties during open houses, they only consider the exterior appearance and overlook any alarming red flags that might cost you millions of dollars in the future. As beneficial it is for real estate agents who earn commissions on selling property, it can be a disastrous decision for investors.

Andrew highly recommends working with professional investors who, on the other hand, inspect even the tiniest aspects of a property, from its foundations, framework and walls to pipelines, HVAC systems and more. They look for signs of infestations of different kinds, including pests, termites, mold and other harmful organisms which prey on your home’s structure. Andrew believes that if a property is free from all such nuances, it can help investors get the peace of mind that they’re investing in the right place. 

A Wise Man Never Invests Blindly. Always Study the Economic market Condition Before you Invest

For Andrew, a person who blindly invests in real estate without studying the market condition is no different than a man blindly crossing a road with green lights on. Comprehensive housing market research is the foundation of a successful real estate investment. The data obtained via your research will assist you in identifying investment opportunities and hazards and guide your financial decisions. Before you begin real estate investment, it's a wise idea to grasp a sense of the overall market.

In multiple interviews and conversations with his peers and audiences, Andrew has emphasized the significance of market research on your investment decision. Insights regarding market patterns, such as a buyer's market vs. a seller's market, if people are relocating to or from the area, and if industries are oversaturated or under-equipped based on present and future demand etc., can be gained by taking a macroscopic look at the overall property market as a whole. This information can assist you in determining which investment strategy to pursue.

Determine the Value of Your Property First Before Signing a Contract When Someone Offers you a Cheap Deal

After spending years studying and observing the industry, Andrew claims that one of the biggest blunders investors make is not properly determining their property’s value. “You can begin studying the specific investment property once you've identified a target market and investment strategy. Depending on the property type, multiple methods are used to determine its value.” says Andrew in his interview with us.

 “Commercial properties are appraised using cap rates, reflecting the revenue the subject property generates or can generate in a particular market. Residential real estate, especially single-family homes, is appraised by comparing similar housing prices. A comparative market analysis, also known as a real estate market analysis, can be performed to determine a property's after repair or as-is market value. In addition to the market evaluation assessment, investors considering a private rental property should examine the property's rental potential as well”. 

A Reliable and Trusted Resource for Real Estate Enthusiasts

No magician reveals his secrets, however, Andrew Saltman says otherwise. He believes that helping investors make informed decisions when acquiring or selling properties doesn't just help them save bucks but also regulates the entire real estate market. As passionate as he is about his job, Andrew still holds humanity and empathy at his utmost priority and utilizes his knowledge and experience to guide others with their investment decisions. In a world full of those seeking opportunities to loot clients, Andrew is one of the very few reliable real estate agents who gauge their success not in terms of numbers and money but by ensuring that as much as his knowledge benefits him, it comes into handy for others around him as well! 

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