It is very common, especially for women to struggle with orgasm on their own or while having penetrative sex. Comparatively, men can satisfactorily achieve the climax if they put their minds and thoughts in that direction. However, there are situations where they both might have to wait for the big “O” moment in their life. But, why halt when you all can practise some of the best ways to reach climax and trigger the utmost pleasure of the sex life.

  • Masturbation can be the key to your struggle
  • One of the effective ways to practise orgasm on your own is masturbation. If you are a newbie then also it’s not a problem as it is something you can learn easily with fun. It makes you feel your genitals and explore the sensational parts to get electrified and sexual. So, give yourself some time while masturbating to get better results.

  • Try new and different sex positions
  • Your current sex routine may bore you and can aid in struggling with climax. You can find repetitive techniques quite uninteresting, experimenting here and there can spice things up. Don’t limit this to just positions, try out different kinds of condoms. Sometimes, it is important to change and try something different from the regular to achieve desired results.

  • Include sex toys
  • Believe it or not, but investing in sex toys can prove to be worthy enough in ending your climax grapple. Some people might need direct stimulation to orgasm and sex toys can be one of the greatest solutions to do so. Sex toys such as vibrators are very effective in providing stimulation and increasing the speed of hormonal changes in the body. This whole process can result in a satisfying climax. You can definitely consider them in solo or partner sex.

  • Don’t pressurise yourself
  • It can be one of the factors preventing orgasm. Stress and wanting too much from your body can trigger anxiety, embarrassment and several other barriers. They all can potentially hamper your sex life by repressing the experience of the ultimate climax. In addition, once encountered it can take time for a couple to catch that flow again. This can be fairly disappointing for both of you. So, to avoid such a scenario, always try to not think much or burden yourself with the urge to orgasm.


    Facing problems in reaching climax can be a very usual thing to encounter. Fortunately, there are the aforementioned ways that can help you out and lead to an orgasm. However, if you are more thrilled to try different sex positions then you must carry a stamina condom to enjoy more and worry less about unwanted pregnancy and STIs.

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