Picking an ideal commercial real estate is a crucial stepping stone in one’s business journey. It requires meticulous planning, therefore you need to pay attention to every crucial detail to make sure that the choice you make aids in promoting business growth. This is even more true when it comes to selecting a commercial property in Mumbai, which entails a great deal of investment. However, office architects in Mumbai assert that due to the growth in infrastructure and housing, as well as connectivity between business and commercial hubs in various corridors of the city has aided the spike seen in this realm.

So, before you go ahead and buy a property, make sure to do a complete analysis and comparison of the available options. Some factors that you need to keep in mind while buying office space in Mumbai are:

1. Accessibility and location of the property

When you live in Mumbai, connectivity poses a great challenge especially when it comes to looking for office space. It is of paramount importance to take into consideration the proximity of both rail networks and roadways before you make the final decision. A similar kind of attention needs to be paid to the type of locality. For instance, a posh location denotes stability while a developing one poses a question regarding growth and longevity.

2. Think about company growth

The commercial real estate that you opt for, make sure it has enough space to not just accommodate the current workforce but also has sufficient space for the addition of employees, as and when the business grows. This is crucial as it projects a positive image of the company to major stakeholders, and aids in gaining popularity amongst your competitors.

3. Budget

Before you decide on a final price, take into consideration the facilities as well as compare the price of other office spaces that are present in the neighbourhood. Calculate the total cost of buying or leasing the office space, and it should include both the lump sum cost of buying the property, as well as other costs. For instance, moving expenses, construction and maintenance, electricity bill, foods and beverages costs, among others. Then make your final decision.

4. Infrastructure

It goes without saying that the comfort of your employees trumps everything else. It plays a crucial role in an organization as it promotes motivation and positive drive, which in turn helps the company to grow.

Several office architects in Mumbai suggest considering the age of the property as well as the add on facilities that comes along with the commercial real estate. For instance, power backup, security, parking, dining options, recreation, etc.

Final Note

In the end, make sure that the office space you opt for fulfils all the requirements of an urban buyer. And, the points mentioned above will definitely help in making your decision.

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