The brain is amazing. It runs every complex system in our bodies. It gives us our personalities, emotions and even generates the necessary chemicals that make us feel love. Brain waves themselves can entirely alter our state of mind.

But there are some odd little facts you might not realize about this mighty organ. Here are four fun (and important) facts you should know.

1. Hearing Affects How We Process The World

Hearing isn’t just a luxury. It helps to dictate our ability to learn effectively, our balance and even the way we perceive and interact with the world. The ability of human beings to cope with such a dramatic loss when hearing is impaired is truly incredible.

Our brains are primed to read certain clues from our environment. Hearing is a big part of that process, such as in the case of threats or just social interactions.

2. Nutrition Really (REALLY) Impacts Our Brain

Not eating well can have lead to serious consequences for the brain. Not having the right amount of nutrients needed to power various functions can cause thinking to be slow and sluggish, reduce memory recall and make the person in question sleepy and unable to focus.

Studies have found that certain foods can provide a bit of a boost for brain activity. One of those foods is dark chocolate.

3. Too Little Water = Foggy Brain

Your brain is like the rest of your body: it is mostly made of water. So when you don’t drink enough water you become dehydrated and guess what happens? Your brain begins to struggle to work properly. Heat stroke is one of the consequences of this, one of many that can happen if you fail to properly hydrate.

So if you have been struggling to think lately, try drinking a few glasses and see if it helps.

4. Humans and Dogs Use Same Brain Region For Emotional Recognition

Probably the best fact on this list, it turns out that dogs and humans are more similar than you might think. Both use the same part of the brain to process emotional recognition in other people. In other words, dogs, like humans, can interpret and react to another being’s emotions using that section of the brain.

That might explain why dogs are so intuitive and emotionally connected to those around them. And why we become so attached to our canine friends.

The brain is truly fantastic. These four facts are only a few of many mind-blowing (if you will pardon the pun) tidbits about our most complex organ.

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