Are you stressed because there isn’t enough time in the day to declutter your home, run the kids everywhere, cook meals and have time for yourself? Here are 4 time-tested tips to help you find more time without being stressed to do it.

My mother used to say “A stitch in time Saves Nine”. I just didn’t get that as a child but as I got older and I got a rip in my clothing and I was the one who had to mend it I understood what she meant.

I had a blue sweater that mysteriously got a little hole in it. I loved that sweater and every time I wore it I noticed the little hole got bigger and bigger until it was a major process to try and fix it. I did try to fix it but because I let it get so big it looked like a patched job and it never looked the same again. If I would have taken a needle and a thread to it when it was just tiny it would not have gotten out of hand.

If I would have repaired my sweater when I first saw the hole it would have only taken a couple of stitches but by waiting it took many, many stitches and never looked the same again.

Does it seem to you there is not enough time in the day to get everything done you want to do? Do you have good intentions to declutter your home but you just don’t have time? Do you wish you had super powers to make time stand still so you could dig in and declutter those closets, magazines and cupboards?

If you have good intentions but not enough time in the day here are 4 tips to help you “develop super powers” to save time.

1. We all have errands to run but the way we do them can either cost us time or can save us time.

·As much as possible do all of your errands on one day.

·Shop when the stores are less busy.

·If you have other drivers in your home ask them to run the errands for you.

·Write a list of the places you need to go and then number each one in the order they are to be done. Lump areas together so you aren’t back tracking by going back and forth where you have already been.

2.Doing more than one thing at a time is called multi-tasking and can save a lot of time. Think of this as parallel tasking such as:

·Tidy up a room while talking on the phone.

·When crafting put in a load of wash. Set a timer for the amount of time it takes for the clothes to wash so you can put them in the dryer in a timely manner.

·Fold clothes while watching your favorite T.V. show.

·Parallel tasks that don’t take a lot of concentration.

3.When driving to a new location get clear directions before leaving home if you don’t have a GPS system in your car.

·Get clear directions by phone to the business by talking to someone at the business.

·Use your computer and map out your route. Print it off or write the directions in you planner and take them with you.

4.Declutter your home using little pockets of time during the day.

·Declutter the magazine rack while waiting for someone getting ready to go somewhere.

·Get up 15 minutes earlier.

·When dinner is cooking in the crock pot or it is in the oven use that time to organize one little place.

Saving time to spend it somewhere else can seem to give you more hours in the day to cut down on stress and get more done whether it is decluttering your home or spending more time doing what you like to do.

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Marilyn Bohn is the owner of Get it Together Organizing, a business dedicated to developing practical organizing solutions that help individuals and business professionals live clutter-free and productive lives. She is the author of “Go Organize! Conquer Clutter in Three Simple Steps” and is an experienced, enthusiastic public speaker, a member of NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers) and the author of hundreds of articles covering various organizing topics.

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