With a considerable increase in the number of international students, European nations welcome international students with open arms. Where the majority of the students are confused about where they should start. We have a complete solution in easy 4 steps to choose your perfect study destination. The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide you’re not going to stay where you are. In the same way, the first step towards your better future is to plunge into your dreams of studying abroad. Go through this blog, articulated by Ms. Krimi Shah - Sr. Admission Process Executive, and find out the straight forward methods to shortlist your study abroad destination.

1. Follow your Passion
The first thing you need to do is to decide for which course you want to apply. Depending upon your area of interest and your previous education, narrow down the field in which you want to move forward. Once you have decided for which course you want to apply, the next step will be to search out Universities that offer that course. If you are searching for a Management, IT, Hospitality related course, then you are going to find those courses in almost every European country. However, European countries offer different Specialization courses which will be a valuable addition to your skills. Once you finally get the list of your options, check out the University ranking, its accreditations and the facilities provided to International students. Once you are done with research of Universities, check out in which intake the course is available. The majority of the courses will be available for Fall intake in comparison to that of Spring intake. If you apply early then you might also avail an Early Bird Scholarship given by different institutions. Do not forget to check the Erasmus and Exchange study programs available.

2. Consider your Budget for tuition fees and cost of living
Consider your Budget for tuition fees and cost of living
Once you have decided for which course you want to apply and went through eligibility check, the next important step is to check whether it matches your determined budget or not. There certain institutes that provide the course you have decided at affordable tuition fees whereas there may be certain institutes which have higher tuition fees. You can consider factors like scholarships, method of payment of tuition fees as certain institutes allow you to make payment of fees in installments, also there are options for Pay after visa. Depending upon the most feasible option, you can short list the best among those. Budget is also a concern when it comes to cost of living in a country. Positive aspect of European countries is that the cost of living in major of the European countries is very affordable for international students. Also with the increase in number of international students every year, there are various benefits offered to them. This can help you to meet your monthly expenses at very affordable rates.

3. Evaluate the final options
Considering the tuition fees, cost of living and eligibility criteria finally there will be the sorted out options with you. To clinch to a final option, consider the weather, language, Location, local life, transportation, food, safety, political environment, etc. These are certain factors that you should definitely consider before concluding your decision. The European countries are getting top destinations for studying abroad among the students for its politically stability, safety and tremendous culture. Do not forget to check out the part time job options during your studies which will not give you an exposure to working in a total different culture than our home country but also will aid you with various other benefits.

4. Explore your career prospects
Explore your career prospects
Analyze your career prospects available. Check out if there are any internship options given by the University or not. There are certain universities that even help students with job placements after completion of your studies. Where the Universities do not provide placements, search out the blooming industries in that country. This will not help you decide your future prospects but will also help you to know about the internship & part time job options. Also do not forget to research the job prospects in your home country once you have completed your education. There are possibilities that you may come back to your home country after completion of your studies. This may seem to be the last step but is very crucial. Because in absence of your research there are chances that you end up with a heavy amount of loan and having no future prospects will only pile up the loan. It is advisable to carry out a thorough research on the job prospects.

Now that you are all caught up with the essential factors to keep in mindwhile making the decision, make sure you apply this before flying off to youresteemed destination. Positively looking forward to unite your heart andmind at focal of the decision. So do not wait for the perfect time, seize theopportunity and sail your ship away to abroad!

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