Going back to school as an adult can be very stressful. There are a number of things a parent must consider before attempting to adjust their family’s lifestyle, schedule and budget. A complete family effort is essential to accommodate any parent looking to return to school. These 4 tips will help ease you and your family into these changes.

1. Pick a School with a Budget in Mind

Most likely, the reason you are returning to school is because of money, and it probably is not because you have too much of it. The first thing you should check out is how much college costs, consult your budget and see if a change is at all feasible. Second thing you should do is fill out your FASFA. You don’t have to have a school picked out in order to complete your FAFSA, and it will give you the best idea of just how much money you and your family might have to cover when you return to school.
You should also look to scholarships. These days scholarships are available for people in all walks of life. Many are available for non-traditional students, adult learners, or working moms. Just start a search online and be amazed on how many awards are out there.
2. Balance Your Life and Your Education

Going to school for college students is easier because it is considered their full time job. But chances are you are returning to school and already have a full time job, not to mention a full time life. So finding pockets of time to study or even search for college can prove to be difficult without taking time away from your family.

The first thing you must consider is finding a time in which you work the most efficiently and then plan around that. Put your time down on the family calendar and talk with your children about your homework and what it is you are trying to accomplish — children can prove to be very good protectors of your time if you explain to them what you are trying to achieve. Be diligent about keeping that time yours and if something comes up, try to bow out gracefully.

3. Learn How to get it Right the First Time

Just finding a school, adjusting your family’s lifestyle and budgeting for college is daunting enough. So experiencing failure in the classroom can prove to be devastating. Test time is a very stressful time in anyone’s life so managing your anxiety and coming prepared is essential. Try not to cram for a test, but instead plan ahead and digest information a little at a time over a longer time period. Your brain will retain more information that way so when that first test comes up you will be able to excel when the pressure is on.

4. Find Other Parents Who are Going Back To School

The truth is that there are a lot more “non-traditional” students out there than you think. In fact studies have shown that 7 out of 10 individuals over the last decade that received a degree or completed a college program were “non-traditional” in some way. These days some schools even have “non-traditional” student clubs. But by just looking at the numbers, it seems that all you have to do is take a look around and you will find someone just like you. Other ways in which you can your own support network is go online and try to find groups and forums.

Going back to school can be difficult and starting a college search can prove to be extremely hectic, but the reward in the end is completely worth it. Colleges these days come in all shape and sizes with classes at a wide variety of times during the day — there are even online classes for those with the most hectic of schedules. Starting the process is the first step to a not only an improved life for you, but your family as well.

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