There's always going to be conflicts in a relationship whether you like it or not. Having an enjoyable relationship depends on how good you are at handling conflicts. And poorly handled conflicts can have disastrous effects.

Below are key things you need to keep in mind if you want to master conflict.

Keep Your Emotions Under Control

Don't let your emotions get out of control, keep your cool even if she's screaming in your face. Yes I know how hard it can be to keep your cool. But try your best to keep your emotions and especially your ACTIONS under control. It will make things a lot easier and allows you to see her side of the story without letting your animal instincts come out and try to "win" the argument.

Don't Argue In Public

Conflicts should never be dealt with in a setting where other people can eavesdrop in. What ends up happening is either you or her will feel like you've been put on the spot. Like before, maintain your composure and wait until you get home before continuing. And if she is the one that starts the conflict, then in a calm manner let her know that you two will deal with it later and then talk about something else.

Don't Let It Become Immature

You're not going to make things better by calling her names or making your friends pick sides. This is something that only you and her will have to deal with. It is good to get another person's perspective on things but ultimately, how the issue is handled should be up to you. And please do not resort to being physical with her. That will only lead to you getting a new friend named Bubba.

Really Listen To What She Is Saying

Don't do anything else but listen to her. There is a reason why the issue came up. Shut up and listen to her viewpoint while having zero judgments. Look past what she's saying and really see how what she's saying impacts the relationship. When she realizes that you're really listening and trying to understand her viewpoint, she will lower her defenses. This will cause her to be more open to what you have to say about the issue.

By following these simple rules, you should be able to take control of most issues that pup up during a relationship and makes it far more likely that you two can come to a mutual agreement.

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