Many seniors pride themselves in being independent and having freedom in their life. Adult children understandably want to keep their parents safe and avoid accidents or injuries. Finding the balance between restricting their daily activities and not stripping them from the things they love can be difficult. To ensure that you have peace of mind, there are a few ways to increase the safety of an elderly loved one without compromising their freedom.

1. Avoid Using Rugs

Many seniors are prone to falling and losing their balance with area rugs that are used in the homes. Walkers and canes can often make it easy to trip and fall on the rugs, making it important to have regular carpet installed throughout the home or to install hardwood floors.

2. Install Motion Sensor Lights

Motion sensor lights will work as an extra security measure that you can use to illuminate the exterior of your loved one's property and keep intruders away. It will also prevent falls by detecting the senior's presence at night and allowing them to find their way to the front door without tripping. The lights will even make it easier for your loved one to find their keys and get inside the home in a shorter amount of time.

3. Hire Professional Caregivers

If your parent or elderly loved one needs assistance with bathing or preparing meals, you can hire a professional caregiver to help them complete tasks around the home. This will allow them to remain in their home without moving into an assisted living facility and can provide them with the care that they need to maintain their lifestyle.
Those who suspect that their caregiver does not provide enough care for their loved one or the senior is injured due to neglect can contact a law firm like Blomberg Benson & Garrett for assistance. This will allow you to understand your rights and to be represented in court to ensure that the senior receives the compensation that they deserve.

4. Set Up a Visual System

Make it easier to keep a close eye on your loved on by installing surveillance cameras throughout the property to ensure that you can monitor them at all times. This will allow them to maintain their freedom and respond immediately if they fall or suffer from a stroke.

As seniors age, they may be limited with their mobility and the care that they can provide for themselves. Fortunately, you can provide them with the right tools and assistance to maintain their freedom and continue enjoying a quality lifestyle that they enjoy.

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