Losing weight is already difficult enough as it is, especially if you have a lot to lose. And, the next most challenging aspect is keeping the weight off. Now that you’ve reached your goals in terms of body size and shape, it’s critical to maintain your success. The last thing you want is to yo-yo diet. You’ve already put in the hard work, now it’s time to enjoy your achievement. Keep reading to learn more.

Go on a Diet You Can Adopt for Life

Many people have lost weight on highly restrictive diets, but they’re hard to maintain because the options were so limited. For instance, eating only 900 calories a day will cause weight loss. Yet, can you eat only 900 calories a day for the rest of your life? Also, now that you’ve lost weight, you might want to celebrate by eating all the cakes and chips you couldn’t have previously. But, when do you put an end to unhealthy eating? Instead, go on a diet that you know you will enjoy--and stick to--for the rest of your life. For instance, the Mediterranean diet is quite healthy and filling, so are Atkins or Keto. And, give yourself the option for cheat days so that you won’t ever feel deprived.

Reward Yourself with Something Other Than Food

Many of us like to eat cakes at a celebration, or often host parties filled with food to acknowledge a major milestone such as an anniversary or even a holiday. As a result, we tend to get used to eating after any accomplishment. To maintain a weight loss diet, it helps to use different rewards for positive accomplishments. Perhaps you can buy yourself a nice treatment at the Santé MD Wellness Center, or go shopping for a new style of clothing that you didn’t think you could wear when you were carrying around extra weight.

Keep a Scale Around

This isn’t about being obsessive, but it is important to track your weight fluctuations after a major weight loss. A few pounds here and there are normal due to water weight or perhaps the occasional illness. But, if you’ve gained 15 pounds--then it may be time to re-asses your current eating and lifestyle habits. Furthermore, a scale is more accurate than how you look in the mirror or how your clothing fits. If you look at yourself every day, you won’t be able to tell that you have gained some weight. On the other hand, a calibrated scale doesn’t lie.


While 80 percent of weight loss and maintenance has to do with diet, exercise does play a key role. To illustrate, if you have issues with emotional or stress-related eating, then exercise can help to moderate your emotions so that you feel more positive as opposed to sad. Moreover, if you engage in weight training, you will build muscle which will then increase your metabolism. Not to mention, exercise gives you something to do in your free time instead of digging into a tub of ice cream.

In Conclusion

You should always be very proud of yourself for successfully losing weight. Now, use the tips above to keep it off for life.

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