Members of the military service who begin to transition to civilian life often face many challenges. Having lived a military lifestyle for a period of time, they must now adjust to new ways of doing things. With the help of family and friends, this can generally be accomplished in a fairly smooth fashion. The following tips may help to support the transition in several ways.


Former members of the armed forces are eligible for reduced tuition in colleges, universities, and trade schools. This may come through the GI education benefit as well as many institutions of higher education offering free or low-cost courses for veterans. For convenience, veterans may be interested in enrolling in an online university for military service members who prefer the flexibility of taking courses on their own schedule as opposed to campus classes that are scheduled at specific times. This allows them greater freedom for other activities like a job search.


Many employers prefer to hire veterans when they are legally allowed to do so. When giving application tests, for exam, in certain industries veterans may be given bonus points for their military service. It is a good idea to ask when applying for a job to see if you are eligible for preferred status or other types of privileges that may pertain to certain jobs based on previous membership in the armed forces. Veterans with disabilities are eligible for jobs that provide accommodations for special needs.

Lifestyle Services

Hair salons, supermarkets, pharmacies, and other types of lifestyle businesses sometimes provide discounts for veterans or sponsor veteran appreciation events. Check the websites of businesses you would like to frequent or that offer services you need. Chances are there may be discounts for public transportation, social services, housing, and other important lifestyle services that will help veterans to transition to civilian life.

Entertainment and Leisure

Many restaurants, sports events, and theme parks offer special rates for veterans. These may involve certain days of the month or an annual event that recognizes military service personnel. It never hurts to ask about discounts or reduced rates even if you do not see signs posted or website information. If the company does not currently offer a veteran discount, it may consider providing one if community interest is indicated.

Veterans of military service represent an important part of society who deserve consideration and support as they return to a civilian lifestyle. Check for benefits and opportunities that may already exist, and don't hesitate to inquire about those that may be evident.

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