When considering busy days, the foremost to enter our mind is the Black Friday. It’s the fourth Thursday of every November and comes right after Thanksgiving. It marks the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. However, it is also notorious for being quite a violent outing and it's not uncommon for incidents of violence or injury to be reported.

But by taking a few simple precautions, you can easily enjoy the Black Friday 2017 deals without worrying about using your medical insurance.

• Firstly, arrive early at the store you want to shop at. And early doesn’t mean that you should wait out the entire night in front of the store but arrive a good three or four hours before the sale begins. That way, you'll be in front of the line which will not only give you a major head start when the rampage begins but protect you from getting trampled. With this head start, if you run on hard, the crowd behind you has a zero percent chance of crushing your bones.

• Secondly, do consider protective gear. If for some reason you can’t arrive early or you’re not too fast a runner, then the head start might not benefit you too much. In this case, you can wear groin guards, elbow guards, helmets, knee braces or even an extra layer of clothes to protect you from concussive blows. It may seem quite awkward but remember, the lucrative sale is of no use if you end up getting crippled.

• If these precautions don’t appeal to you, try taking a gang along with you. A gang consisting of your friends, family members or other colleagues who can accompany you. This will ease your nerves prior to the beginning of the sale as you will have familiar faces to be around. Also moving in a group will allow you guys to avoid getting knocked over, punched or pushed as the other customers wouldn’t want to mess with an entire group of people (and risk receiving a good thrashing) just for a branded item. Make it clear that you guys are together and are a single unit. Moreover, with more people alongside you, it'll be a lot easier for you to get your hands on anything that takes your fancy. And if someone is willing to fight you for it, just call in your group and take it away.

• Lastly, try to avoid any unnecessary conflicts as possible.
Not all black Fridays have to be chaotic. If things are going smoothly and nicely, don’t subconsciously expect anything violent to happen. And refrain from looking for trouble. If a shopper wants to buy the same dress, bag, shoes etc as you then try to resolve it as amicably as possible. One way to do that is to lie about how much the said item means to you, for example, you could tell them that these shoes are for your terminally ill niece's birthday. It’s a dirty tactic but is far better than shedding blood or uttering expletives.
So have fun and look forward to the holiday season. Hopefully, these precautions will be of immense benefit to you.

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